Stitch Fix [finally!]


so let’s talk about it.  I am a girl who doesn’t particularly love to shop.  that’s weird huh?  I love the event of “going shopping” especially if it’s with good friends or my sisters, but once I’m there I’m sorta over it.  I shop fast, get what I need and get out.  Plus, I live in a small town.  What I mean is that we don’t even have a Gap.  We have a few super cute boutiques but lets get real, I can’t afford most of the stuff.  and remember when I told you that I don’t like to go “looking” for stuff, because then I want everything??  Yeah.  SO.  Enter Stitch Fix….


[top by stitch fix]

If you haven’t heard of this yet, I’d first like to say, you’re welcome!  It’s basically your very own online personal shopper.  and it’s easy too! So first you simply go online and fill out a style profile.  You can detail what sizes you are, how much money you’d like to spend, your style, body type, and more.  I even linked my fashion pin board from Pinterest.  You pay a $20 styling fee and if you end up purchasing anything they send you, that money goes towards your bill!  They send you a box of 5 things and you get to keep them for 3 days while you try them on, text pictures to your besties, show your man, and decide what you want to keep.  Then whatever you don’t want, you send back in a pre paid mailing envelope – easy as pie!

so, when you get your box…it’s super exciting!!


let’s talk about this last fix…

“Ezra” Mixed material layered shirt, $48


I love this green top with the little bit of fabric hanging out.  the purple tank is mine + I just happened to be wearing it under another shirt that day, but I love how it picks up the purple in the top.

“Fate” Georgia crew neck raglan sweater, $68 


I also love this sweater!  It’s comfy, it fits nice – not too snug, not too bagy, and it has a fun detail on the side.  love the cobalt blue!

 “Chris & Carol” Josse foldover waist maxi skirt, $48


as we were taking this picture, alison + jenna were like, “um Wynne, that is like your uniform”.  why yes it is,  but I love this black maxi skirt!  It’s so comfy and soft and a great addition to my wardrobe. [accessories by Noonday Collection]

“Velvet Heart” Benjamin skinny jean, $68 + “loveappella” striped hooded open cardigan, $64


8 mile – yes?  anyway, I love this striped long sleeve hooded cardi AND these super fun skinnies!  comfy is the name of my game and these both fit the bill!
So what did I keep?!?!  Well……I kept it all!!  I was in love with all 5 things and thanks to a little bit of Stitch Fix credit + a 25% discount for purchasing everything in the box – I got all 5 of these things for $75!  [thanks Alison for the pics!]  actually, Santa is giving it to me for Christmas 😉  and how fun is it that it comes with these awesome cards to give me some ideas for styling?  love it!
If you are ready to take the plunge go ahead and sign up today!  Fill out your style profile, link your Pinterest board, pay the $20 styling fee and schedule your “fix”!  When it comes in the mail, keep what you want, and send back what you don’t.  Then schedule your next fix!  It’s really THAT easy!  ** If you sign up using the links in this post or in my sidebar I get a $25 credit in my account. And then if you like it so much you tell YOUR friends, you get a credit when they sign up!  Pretty awesome huh?  Let’s start shopping…  click here.

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  1. Kacia says:

    goodness you are gorgeous!!! I love that raglan sweater!!! but you are seriously rocking it all 🙂

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