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“Lightwriters exists to assist photographers & film makers in the use of their lenses & talents for good.”

you can read more about what my good pal, Dustin, and Lightwriters is all about here.  Pretty cool that my husband and I have cheered Dustin on for the past few years starting when it was just a big dream!  now that it’s a reality, I can’t wait to continue to be a part of it in a new way.  as a creative AND a cheerleader.

_(15-of-77)this time, I got to help with their main objective #1: Help non profits better tell their stories by providing professional images and video free of charge.  it was me + my girl Alison.  I’d love to tell you a little bit about the experience we had as “lightwriters” working with High Sky Children’s Home in Midland, Texas and I’d also like to make myself available to answer any questions or simply just chat with any creatives who may be reading this and want more information! Thanks yall!


While I can’t show you any pictures of the kids faces, for privacy purposes as they are currently in foster care, I do have a few images that hopefully tell the story.  This night was so fun.  It was their annual Christmas party, so excitement was in the air.  Santa welcomed all the children [and some adults!] to come sit on his lap, and tell them what they wanted for Christmas.  There was a nice meal, followed by scrumptious looking cookies…


and then the craziness and most fun part of the night began.  Around each table were children grouped by age, and when the time was right, the gifts were unveiled!  Each child there received one gift.  You would have thought each of these kids won the lottery.  I wish you could have been in that room with me that night to hear and see the pure JOY on each of their faces.  Wrapping paper was being torn so fast, and there were shreeks and squeels all around.  I wish you could see the images of the faces filled with joy and hope that these children had.


let’s think about how they each got 1 gift.  1 gift.  I bet you have bought your children more than 1 gift, or your niece or nephew, or grandchild.  I bet no matter what our children get for Christmas, it’s still easy to want more.  There was no “more” from these children.  Alison and I both talked about it, there was not one complaint.  Not one “but, I wanted…”.  Nope.  There was pure joy, thankfulness, excitement, and hope coming from their precious faces.  This wasn’t a “feel sorry for the foster kid” night either.  There were board members and dedicated volunteers there cheering on their kids.  You could tell there were many genuine relationships around those tables.  There was no jealousy, mean spiritedness, or complaints.  It was unbelievable, yall.


Honestly, when I had to leave my warm house and children + hubby to drive outside of town to shoot this event, I was not too excited.  Even though I love High Sky and have had the privilege of spending some time out there getting to know their little family, I was tired.  exhausted.  the holiday rush had hit my house hard last week + I didn’t need one more “thing” on my list that needed to get done.  Boy am I glad my attitude changed, thanks be to God!  I left with a full heart.  a happy heart.  a heart that was reminded of the true spirit of this season: the spirit of giving.  “you are more blessed to give than to receive”, and even though all I “gave” was my time and talent behind the camera – I got to watch a lot of really special giving going on.  My heart is continually tender towards children in our town who don’t have a “forever family”.  I am thankful for a sweet place like High Sky to provide love, care, shelter, counseling, and a loving foster family for these precious children of God.


 I hope if you take anything away from this post, that you would realize that YOU too have a God given talent.  Whether that be photography, video, make up, crafting, teaching, cooking, etc and God can use ALL OF IT!!  I hope this encourages you to step out and see your gift/talent/passion as a tool that God can use to reach His people and show them His love.  Fill out a form to get more info here.

** and on a total side note.  I read this post by a foster mom last week + it wrecked me.  gave me a new perspective.  you should take 5 min to read it too.

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  1. hannah ray says:

    Awesome. thank you so much for sharing this organization.

    This is what my husband and I are passionate about and its amazing to find people who are just like us.

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