It seems like a dream.  Spending the weekend with over 120 of my Noonday Collection ambassador sisters in the hill country – and it was!  I expected the weekend to be amazing.  I expected to watch my dry spirit become full and alive.  I expected to have late nights chatting and praying and dreaming.  I didn’t realize my expectations would be blown out of the water.  This weekend was a dream.  I know this sounds cheezy, but the Noonday ambassadors are like a sisterhood to me.  It’s amazing to me that despite the fact that we come from all different walks of life/parts of the country/ages/etc….we are a sisterhood.  We have one thing in common: to fight for the women and men all around the world who simply want to make a life for their children and families.  You see, Noonday isn’t just about the artisans, or just about the ambassadors, it’s about all of us.  We are working for them, and they are working for us.  We both have needs, and dreams, and passions and TOGETHER we are bringing beautiful hand made accessories into the hands of women all over the world.  we are using fashion + design to create change + opportunity for the vulnerable!


I can’t possibly share all the reasons why I loved this weekend.   Thursday started in Austin with a welcome party + drinks with the girls…followed by P Terrys and a trip to the tattoo parlor.  Nothing like walking into the tattoo parlor at 11pm on Thursday night with 5 highly accessorized girly girls.  I would like to blame this part of the weekend on my husband.  It was him that put the idea in my head, and when I texted him a picture of the sign at the tattoo parlor, all he said was “live alive”.  I am proud to permanently have the outline of the continent that has taught me so much about myself + about life on my body.  The fact is, I do need Africa more than Africa needs me, and it’s Africa that has taught me that possessions in my hands are nothing compared to the peace in my heart.  [thank you Mocha Club].

Screen Shot 2014-01-21 at 4.04.38 PM

Breakfast at Jessicas + tour of the home office before we headed out to Camp Balcones Springs.  My heart was full and ready as “roar” played in the background – I knew I was in for some seriously good girl time!


one of the absolute best things about the weekend was having Jalia there!  Jalia is our lead artisan in Uganda, and she is a VIP in our eyes!  I’ve had the honor of spending time with her and her family in Kampala a few times, and so it was such a treat to have her in my home state!  She told us sitting on the bed that morning that she felt so loved, and that she had never had so many people tell her she was beautiful.  Let the waterworks begin…

Screen Shot 2014-01-21 at 10.08.36 PM

I can’t wait to tell you what God did in my HEART over the weekend, but I thought I’d show you some fun pictures of the girls I spent time with before we get into all that.  we caused all sorts of trouble: making smores at the campfire, dressing up for a fancy night + photobooth, having some wine, celebrating each others successes + staying up way too late chatting.  We also were empowered in our Noonday business, got to share our voice + ask our questions to home office team, learn from each other, swoon over the new spring line [yall will DIE! it’s so beautiful], and get to know people we didn’t know!  There were seriously so many amazing women from all across the country – some I had connected with online and never in real life, a few that were already my real life friends that I treasure my time with, and some were “treasures” as I say!  Totally not on my radar before, and now sisters!

[from top L to R: Brandi, Candace, Paige, Erica, Kim, Krista, Jessica, Ashley + Corrie]  and so many more not pictured!


in the minutes following this picture, I got to hear more of Jalia’s dreams for the future [ as she asked me if she put her new Mac lip gloss on right!].  This woman amazes me.  I’ll be in her country in March for our Sole Hope bloggers trip + she wants to come and serve with us.  Like the people we will be serving on that trip, she too grew up with jiggars.  It was such a picture of HOPE for me to hear her say she wanted to come serve – she was once in that place, and now she is a successful wife, mother + business owner!  I have much to learn….

stay tuned 😉


the spring line launches FEBRUARY 20th!!!  Contact me to host a show today!  if you are intersted in becoming an ambassador or hostess [no matter where you are!] there is a lot of great info on the website.

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