Noonday Collection Samples!!

it’s noonday sample sale time friends!  Ok, so I’ve never actually sold my samples through my blog, but I thought we should give this a try!  The spring line is absolutely TO DIE FOR and I want every single thing, so that means I have to give up some beloved samples to get me there.  These images are from the Noonday website, so you should know my pieces are in fact samples.  They have been tried on at trunk shows, and worn by me, but are still in good condition!  Marked down 20-40% off!

please leave your pay pal email address and the name + number of the item you would like in the comment section – I will mark the items as sold as fast as I can, and will send pay pal invoices.  Please pay your pay pal invoice within 24 hours, or the item will go to the next bidder.  Shipping is $6 for each transaction, including multiple purchases.  happy sample shopping!

please visit my noonday website  for more information about the country of origin + artisan group who made your beautiful piece!
variated diamond belt m

1. viariated diamond belt, size medium, Peru

regular $72, 30% off $50

jones design

2. Jones Design Journal org $22, 20% off $18 SOLD

stat geo

3. stationary set, geometric India

org $18, 30% off $12

stat filigree

4. stationary set, filigree, India

org $18, 30% off $12

gemstone wrap

5. gemstone wrap, Peru,

org $98 . 30% off $68

cozy knitter

6. cozy cuff, Peru

org $30, 35% off $18

banded triangle belt

7. banded triangle belt, medium, Peru

regular $72, 30% off $50

winter garden

8. winter garden infinity, Peru. org $88, 25% off $66

9. winter garden arm warmers, Peru. org $36, 25% off $27

carolina pom

10. Carolina Pom Scarf, Peru

org $92, 30% off $64


11. Rewind Clutch, India       org $55, 30% off $38sophie

12. sophie square bracelet – camel

Haiti, org $30, 20% off $24 each

13.  sophie square bracelet – redexotic wood

14. exotic wood bangle [mine is a dark one] Guatemala

org $18, 30% off $12carved jade

15. carved jade cuff, Vietnam org $48, 30% off $33

bell flower

16. bell flower cuff, India

org $26, 30% off $18sunshower

17. Sunshower earrings, India

org $36, 230% off $25


18. Soleil Earring, India

org $38, 30% off $26metalic halo

19. Metallic Hoops, refugees in USA

org $34, 30% off $23ruth and metalic orb

20. Metalic Orb Neckalace [silver and gold] Ethiopia        org $98, 25% off $73 SOLD

21. Ruth Necklace [blue] Uganda  SOLD!    org $58, 20% off $46dahlia

22. Dahlia Necklace, Uganda

org $72, 30% off $50chimes necklace

23. Chimes Necklace, Ethiopia

org $48, 20% off $38 SOLD! african sunset and violet

24. African Sunset Necklace, Uganda      org $68, 20% off $54 SOLD! 

25. Violet bracelet, Uganda      org $30, 20% off $24 SOLDmary sunshine apron

26. Mary Sunshine apron, Rwanda     org $28, 30% off $19esperanza makeup bag

27. Esperanza makeup bag, Rwanda      org $28, 30% off $19


28. Zeway earring, Ethiopia    org $30, 40% off $18


29. Violet Necklace, Uganda      org $28, 30% off $19floating squares

30. Floating Squares necklace [gold] India       org $78, 20% off $62

31. Floating Squares earrings [gold] India     org $42, 20% off $34dewdrop

32. Dewdrop necklace, India       org $42, 30% off $29

anna scarf

33. Ana’s Scarf, Guatemala      org $64, 25% off $48 SOLD

you can always shop online anytime!  while you are there, check out our new Story video and see how YOU could enter to win FREE Noonday for an entire year!

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A little about me, I’m a type 7 on the enneagram, a total extrovert + people lover, entrepreneur, connector, storyteller, people gatherer, and passionate wife, mama + friend. I feel most alive when I’m exploring new places and surrounded by people I love. Give me a day in the outdoors disconnected from wifi, and I am a happy girl. I run on oat milk lattes, Jesus, gratitude journaling and kitchen dance parties with my four kids.
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    • Wynne says:

      shannon! I am so sorry – i was at the grocery store w/ my kids before i could approve beth’s comment an hour before yours for the ruth 🙁

  1. Pepper says:

    #25 bracelet please

  2. Regina says:

    #23 Chimes Necklace, please! 🙂

  3. Camille Jennings says:

    How has no one bought the african sunset necklace yet? I have waited 7 hours and I think it’s meant to be.
    P.S. watched IF local…so good. thought of you guys!

  4. Melanie Brent Carrera says:

    Hello is the Carolina Pom scarf still available?

  5. Melanie carrera says:

    Hi is the Carolina Pom scarf still available? Thanks!

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