dry every tear


“Behold, I am making all things new”  Revelation 21: 5


I spent most of my morning at the Sole Hope outreach house eyes closed, arms tightly wrapped around the small body of this sweet 4 year old Ali.  Then around sweet 10 year old Daniel.


As they were crying out because of the pain the jiggers have caused in their feet, I was  crying out to Jesus, asking him to COME.


Come, Lord Jesus.


draw us near.  hold us close.  dry every tear.


The image that played over and over in my mind, was Jesus, coming and wrapping his arms around every single one of us that is hurting + broken and whispering in our ears, “it’s going to be ok, I am here


What a beautiful promise in scripture….the hope of the new heaven and new earth…


“He will wipe away every tear from their eyes, and death shall be no more, neither shall there be mourning nor crying nor pain anymore, for the former things have passed away”  Revelation 21: 4


Jesus whispered these words in my spirit, “I am making all things new”.


I long for heaven to come on earth.  I long for Jesus to return, and make ALL things new. I will cling to the promise that He WILL come back for us.  Until then, I press on and believe that when I’m feeling broken, hurt, or in pain, He will wrap me in his arms and speak softly into my ear of His great love for me.


God himself will be with them as their God”  Revelation 21:3

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Jesus called to them and said, what do you want me to do for you?  They said to him, Lord let our eyes be opened”.  Matthew 20:32-33


Yes, Lord.  Open our blind eyes that we might truly see.  


My eyes were opened and my heart was broken yet again.  Opened to see these beautiful yet broken children of God, restored and redeemed only because of the blood of their savior.


It is done!  I am the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end.  To the thirsty I will give from the spring of the water of life without payment  Revelation 21:6


My heart was broken over the pain, over the injustice, over the severity of the filth and fleas that has burrowed in these beautiful children’s feet.  Through that brokenness, God showed me His great love for them.  His great love for me.  His great love for you.


I long for Jesus to come back, and for the new heaven and new earth.   Until this promise of His second coming is fulfilled, I will wrap my arms around my daddy God and trust that until then, everything will be ok.


Surely, I am coming soon.  Amen.  Come, Lord Jesus!”  Revelation 22:20

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Will you pray for my friends that will be spending the week at the Sole Hope Outreach House?  This part of Sole Hope’s ministry is so needed for the kids who have the worst of the worst cases of jiggers.  These 7 kids from today came from deep in the village and will be staying this week to receive intense healing.  God IS making all things new, and we all get to be a part of that.  Will you pray for healing, for rest, for the pain to slow, and for them to feel their pappa daddy God wrapping his arms around them and whispering in their ears, “it’s going to be ok, I’m here”.  If you would like to learn more about the Sole Hope Outreach house and how YOU can get involved GO HERE!!! 



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  1. Brandi Compton Mendenhall says:

    oh Wynne… what a heart wrenching day. Continuing to pray for you girls, that your hearts will be pliable in the great Potter’s hands. That He will mold them and shape them so that they are maximized to be filled by Him, but also shaped so that they pour out His love and grace easily… effortlessly. I pray that you are ministered to and through minute by minute. I trust that He is making all things new. Not only in the lives of those kids and families there, but in you all and in the hearts of the Collie’s. Thank you so much for sharing, even though I know it’s hard to relive it in the writing. LOVE Y’ALL!!!! XO

  2. Tara Provence says:

    Impossible to read and not physically ache for these kids. Praying for the rest of your week with Sole Hope and for these kids …

  3. Jamie Ivey says:

    Oh Wynne this brought tears to my eyes … gosh I can’t even imagine. I know I have missed some of your posts, but did you ever explain what jiggers are and how they get them and if there’s prevention. I’m so curious now from your posts.

  4. Lindsey Nobles says:

    Beautiful Wynne.

  5. […] Wynne- I long for heaven to come on earth. I long for Jesus to return, and make ALL things new. I will cling to the promise that He WILL come back for us. Until then, I press on and believe that when I’m feeling broken, hurt, or in pain, He will wrap me in his arms and speak softly into my ear of His great love for me. […]

  6. Eva Marie Reed says:

    Precious Heart for Jesus, Wynne….wow! I truly drank in every word you wrote and scripture you shared!! The pain that I feel in my chest is for those precious children!! As a momma and now granny, I always want to take the hurt and pain away and makes things okay…and oh my….in this case I can’t!! WE CAN’ T, BUT GOD CAN!! I praise our Holy and Loving Father of Redemption for you and the other ladies serving our Lord for your faithfulness and continued obedience!! I will pray from here in Midland!! Keep your eyes looking to the Lord and may His word continue to remind you all of His unending love for us…His children…! I truly love and respect you all!!!

    • Wynne says:

      marie! I loved reading this comment from you. that’s right, GOD CAN! we have to trust in him to go and be with all the children that are hurting. thank you for praying for these precious souls! love to you and your family!

  7. Abra Clampitt says:

    praying for the Sole Hope Outreach House and for you all. God’s love is so evident for the broken. He restores and is surely the Bread of Life. XO

  8. Shelley Hageman says:

    I’m praying for all of the Sole Hope ministry and Eveyone who is serving the Lord by helping these children and their families!May His light shine through you for them to see How Great and Glorious our Lord can be:-) May His Peace and Grace fill you up til it overflows:-) He promises to never leave us nor forsake us.May His LoVe surround all of you and protect you:-) He is everything we need! God Bless you all

  9. Sarah Scheenstra says:

    I have no words. Just holding back tears. I will be praying for those precious children & all of the Sole Hope team.

  10. Kendra House says:

    prayers for those precious children and for the team who is serving at the Outreach House. I’m thankful for your heart, for your transparency. God is teaching me so much about freedom, among other things and tonight he used your words to provide clarity and understanding. So thank you sister. love and prayers!

  11. Breena says:


    You have my heart! I commented on Instagram but had to again, after reading this post. My heart is right with you…I “amen”ed many times and it is SO lovely ‘hearing’ from a like-minded woman of God.

    My once typical 2 year old son is now at the final stages of a disease that has basically ‘uncreated’ him until his dying day. His suffering has opened my eyes to the suffering of many like you have shared with us. My heart cries for our redeemer to come back and make things right.

    I don’t know what else to say except I hope to go on one of these trips someday.

    Blessings, sister!

    Thank you for ushering more into His Kingdom


    • Wynne says:

      Brenna, thank you so much for your comment! oh i can’t even imagine what you are going through. prayers for you and your son, and for god to stay close to you as you cling to him! I hope you get to go on a trip one day too 🙂

  12. paige says:

    love you girl. loved praying for you.
    love your heart & your passion.
    this is so heartbreaking but so powerful to see the impact & the change SOLEHOPE is bringing.

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