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I believe dreams are like stories.  Everyone has one, sometimes we are just afraid to say them out loud.  If you aren’t dreaming, are you pursuing?  Dreaming doesn’t mean everything you dream about is going to happen, but if you don’t dare to dream, will you ever know?

I dared to dream, and I’m here to testify to you today that dreams DO sometimes come true.  A few months ago at the Noonday Ambassador conference, knees shaking, heart pounding, and tears were streaming as I walked to the front of a room full of our Noonday family, hand in hand with my good friend Paige as we were invited by Jen Hatmaker, Jennie Allen + Jessica Honegger to be a part of this dream team going to Rwanda in July with Noonday + IJM on a storytelling trip!


a true “oprah” moment some would say.  My dreams coming true!  I stood before my Noonday sisters that day and encouraged THEM to dream their dreams out loud.  Because when I did, I started to believe that there was something more, that there was a bigger story.  and that story could be for YOU TOO!

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I’ve been waiting to tell you about this trip ALL YEAR LONG!!!  and today I am so excited to share with you that like me, YOU could win a spot and be invited to come on this dream #StyleForJustice story team trip with us to Rwanda in July!

A little more about this trip for you detail oriented gals….Noonday Collection + International Justice Mission have partnered together and are collaborating on this amazing story telling trip where we are fusing fashion + justice on a trip to Rwanda we call #StyleForJustice!  We know that creating opportunity for vulnerable people around the globe involves collaboration.  Collaboration seeks to protect the vulnerable from injustice and violence and that provides economic opportunities so that our global sisters can break the cycle of poverty for good!  I mean what could be better than that??  We will be storytelling our way to Rwanda this summer fusing fashion and justice as we partner for this once in a lifetime #StyleForJustice story team trip July 11-20!  

THESE are the beautiful souls that I’ll get to be traveling with this summer.  Each of them have impacted me personally in their own unique ways over the months + years, and I can’t wait to journey right alongside of them to learn how we can use our purchasing power for good, and pursue the cause of justice to see that HOPE for the poor is possible!!  [can you imagine?!?!  THIS could also be YOU!]

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this is why WE are spending part of our summer traveling to Rwanda with Noonday + IJM….why you?

Come advocate with us! Want to join us in Rwanda as we #StyleForJustice? We are offering the opportunity to include some one we may not yet know to come with us! Tell us why YOU want to join us in winning people’s hearts to chase a global vision of economic empowerment and justice and you may receive a spot on our team (we will cover the trip cost!)

enter here!  

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Hey, I'm Wynne!

Hi, friend! First, I truly am so giddy that you are here. I want you to know I believe in you and all the ways you are growing towards living a more intentional life.  I genuinely hope you are encouraged from our time together here.

A little about me, I’m a type 7 on the enneagram, a total extrovert + people lover, entrepreneur, connector, storyteller, people gatherer, and passionate wife, mama + friend. I feel most alive when I’m exploring new places and surrounded by people I love. Give me a day in the outdoors disconnected from wifi, and I am a happy girl. I run on oat milk lattes, Jesus, gratitude journaling and kitchen dance parties with my four kids.
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  1. Allison Heinekamp says:

    What a dream trip and such an inspiration to us who feel our dreams are too big or too tiny to chase them. Bless you lady!!

  2. Amy Broussard says:

    I entered!! You don’t know me, but I am a Visiting Orphans team member as well. You and your husband spoke at my leadership training session last February. This would be incredible to serve with y’all! We shall see 🙂 http://www.noondaycollection.com/styleforjustice#view/23056/2105560

  3. Chantel Klassen says:

    Girl! I am so proud of you for going for your dreams!! You have had some amazing opportunities presented in the last year and a half that I’ve been following you! Can’t wait to see what else God has in store for you!

  4. Cara Hudson Coleman says:

    My precious, sweet Winnie Pie! I am clapping my hands and jumping up and down excited for you in the most wonderful way! You know why? Because we share that same disease…the dreamer disease. I can’t wait for our summer shenanigans and to cover you in much prayer for this trip. xo

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