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it’s been a pretty good month.  so many images don’t make it onto my instagram or facebook, but for memory sake I love to have them to look back on and remember what our day to day looked like.  before may got crazy, and summer began….life lately.

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we celebrated Milly’s 6th birthday with the traditional McDonald’s hamburger and a family walk to the park!

(25 of 31)(8 of 16)alison came over one night while we were cooking and captured this image of me and my sissy girl.  it’s a favorite.  I totally look like a desperate housewife.

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we had plans to hang out with my good friend Hope, and her cute family one Friday morning.  I got an email late Thursday about a local parade for war hero’s – and so we did the thing!  got our red, white and blue on and walked our strollers to the street for the “pet parade” as Camp kept saying.

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Hope’s family raises Alpacas, so since we were in her parents front yard for the parade, we had to “go see the animals”.  Camp + Asher were hilarious herding the alpacas, and just having a BLAST chasing them around.  it was such a sweet reminder that it doesn’t take that much to have fun – and do life with friends.

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the weather has warmed up, and we are OUTSIDE!  we have started the backyard transformation – complete with a trampoline and swing set!  Mama got 2 chairs and strung some lights up, and it’s the perfect place to start the day and end the evening.

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I’m not in the photog biz anymore, persay, but I love to do things for friends when it’s needed!  I spent a Friday night with precious Sarah taking her senior pictures.  She grew up in China, and so the thought of having her senior pictures done in a wheat field just overwhelms me.  god is so good.

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donuts with dad + tea with mom at our precious parents day out program we love so much!

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I got to participate in World Culture Day at my friend’s daughters local elementary school and share about Ethiopia!  I loved being in the school, and obviously talking about a country and culture I love so dearly.  but it just got me so excited about the day our kids are “in school” and I can be up there and involved like my friend Sommer.  She’s the one in our group who has sort of “gone before” all the rest of us and I want to follow her lead!


we had so much fun with our best friends from aTm, who live in college station.  It was, yet again, time for another corps wedding and this time we got to spend it with the Heifrin family at their farm!  so fun getting all the kids together – and celebrate Weston + Sarah!

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such a perfect mothers day!  I got to sleep in, have coffee/flowers/cards and homemade waffles waiting for me when I woke up.  then church that night!  I am loved!

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lots of adoption noonday shows all over our area!  love supporting adoptive families through Noonday shows!

(3 of 5)fun night out for a crawfish broil with this hunk!

(8 of 8)we are headed to New Orleans this weekend to celebrate my dad’s 60th!  should be a fun weekend 😉  happy memorial day friends!  see ya next week.

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Hey, I'm Wynne!

Hi, friend! First, I truly am so giddy that you are here. I want you to know I believe in you and all the ways you are growing towards living a more intentional life.  I genuinely hope you are encouraged from our time together here.

A little about me, I’m a type 7 on the enneagram, a total extrovert + people lover, entrepreneur, connector, storyteller, people gatherer, and passionate wife, mama + friend. I feel most alive when I’m exploring new places and surrounded by people I love. Give me a day in the outdoors disconnected from wifi, and I am a happy girl. I run on oat milk lattes, Jesus, gratitude journaling and kitchen dance parties with my four kids.
Welcome, come on in!

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  1. Molly Swanson says:

    What a fun month! Loved all of the pics… what a sweet family you have! 🙂

  2. The Gray Matters says:

    I love all your photos! Camp & Asher look so happy and full of life–truly transformed forever!

  3. Amy Hodgdon says:

    Love all these pictures! Thanks for sharing bits and pieces of your life and your passions!

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