the weight of waiting

I want to feel that weight, ya know what I’m talking about?  that weight of waiting.  it seems like we have found ourselves yet again in a season of “wait”.  and it’s actually not just about 1 big thing [like the adoption] but a few big things that could potentially alter our lives and our family. Claiming and clinging to promises God has made, promises claimed from the scriptures.


I’ve been keeping myself busy lately.  like crazy weird busy?  Since I’m finally home from being gone so long, I think I’m in spring cleaning mode.  All that had to happen was my good friend to mention the words “garage sale” and I already have a big pile going.  How is it that I clean out stuff so often, but still have so. much. stuff.  makes me sick.  so I’ve been cleaning out and purging.

I’ve also been painting, and doing some DIY projects around my house.  after coming back from the Sole Hope Guest House in Jinja, I knew that I had to find a way to make my space more peaceful, more calming.  the room we spend a lot of time in, the family room, has sorta been the “hand me down room” of the house.  which is silly?  it’s where we spend most of our time!  I was really not liking all the red stuff, old frames, fake tree and clutter so I decided to take everything out of the room that I hated – and wouldn’t you know, it already looks better!  I told my husband that I could do little things to make a big difference in that room in less than $300!  So we’ll see what we come up with.

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I should have taken some “before” pics, but I love the way it’s looking so far.  I got this awesome indoor/outdoor rug at Target for $129.  Rearranged some furniture, took a few pieces out, added a fun bench that was on my front porch, ordered some fun pillow cases from etsy, busted out my spray painting skills on my side table + in re-furbishing my pair of lamps on my tv stand, painted the big “E” on my mantel and viola!

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So, I’ve been busy.  but I want to wait well.  I want to wait in the silence.  I want more mornings sitting in silence with my candle burning, worship music flowing, coffee in hand and just listening.  rest.  read.  wait.  it’s hard, y’all.  I want to feel it.  I want to feel it like I did in that season we were praying Camp + Asher home.  Maybe I should be careful what I wish for, but I want that nearness to God.  that total reliance on him.

still more to process, but here’s to the start of feeling the weight of waiting.

ps//if you follow me on instgram, then you know what God did right after I initially was writing this post.  here 🙂  his timing is so sweet.

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  1. Teresa Swanstrom Anderson says:

    ohmygosh yes! I so feel you on this. Waiting is so hard. Waiting to bring home our children and for the promises the Lord has given us is the hardest…but like you said, ACTIVELY waiting is so important. That we not sit on our hands and waste life during the wait, is so significant. He sees that. And we still feel His presence and see Him moving.

    Good luck to you while you wait! May God bless that oh-so-hard time! // teresa //

  2. Alison Holcomb says:

    i love that you say you want to wait well. so good!! i needed to hear that:) praying for this season. love you!

  3. Chantel Klassen says:

    Wow Wynne! I totally get this. We are waiting for some big things right now (the adoption and a few others) and lately I’ve just felt so done and sick of the waiting. I love the idea of waiting well, I feel like the whole idea gives me a fresh perspective. Thank you!

  4. Laura says:

    Wynne, I can SO identify with what you’re saying. There are times I feel almost dry in my walk with the Lord, and know that I need to enter into (and ultimately, that the Lord is on the verge of)a season of utter dependence on Him. While we are waiting for adoption funds to come in, it feels like that at times, but how soon my soul forgets! To be hungry for our Savior, what more could we want, right? <3

    • Wynne says:

      that’s right, laura. i’m so glad i’m not in this alone and there are other sisters in christ struggling through this and drawing nearer to our jesus in the midst!

  5. Lauren Patton says:

    Yes! I’m waiting for the perfect HOUSE to open up while I’m beaming with joy over my dream job coming true! God is good and he hears my prayers of wishful-ness!

  6. This Domesticated Diva says:

    I hear you. We are in another season of waiting. You think I would be an expert on it after our struggle to get pregnant and the long wait to bring our daughter home from Ethiopia. But instead I find myself impatient and frustrated all over again. But like you, I am trying to wait in silence so that I can be available to what God has to show me on the journey. And apparently He has a lot to show me. 🙂

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