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We believe that ALL kids should be free to wear pink regardless of their gender. – Quirkie Kids


I grew up with a daddy who wore (wears) pink!  This was nothing out of the ordinary at my house, and when I got married to my college sweetheart, I was pleased that he too likes to wear the color pink.  Having two kiddos basically the same age, they share almost all of their “tshirts”.  I love a good comfy shirt, and a lot of times I’ll only buy 1 and let them share.  Recently, I tried to put a shirt on Asher and I guess it was blue because she said, “that’s Camps!”.  That was a great opportunity to let her know that it didn’t matter what color the shirt was, she could wear it.  I want the same thing for Camp + pink shirts!  So meet Camp + Ashers new shirts from Quirkie Kids!


Proudly made in the USA,  Quirkie Kids has launched a new collection of pink tees for girls AND boys featuring playful designs of things not typically associated with the color pink.  After talking to Martine, I knew that I wanted to be a part of helping her grow her amazing business.  This is what she has to say about why she started this!

“It’s about encouraging kids to embrace their uniqueness and giving both boys and girls more options to express themselves through their clothing. Some girls like rainbows. Some girls like butterflies. And some girls like dinosaurs and I say: why not?”


why fit in when you were born to stand out??


enter to win a tee or onesie of your choice between now + the 13th!

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  1. Sarah Jordan says:

    So cute!

  2. Sarah Williams says:

    Love it! Cuties!

  3. Jessica Mumford says:

    Love the mouse and cheese!

  4. Hannah Johnson says:

    We’re expecting our first baby in a few weeks and currently don’t know if baby will be a girl or a boy. I keep commenting how that even if baby is a girl she’ll still wear the onesie that has trains on it or the all in one coat thing that looks like a dinosaur because girls can like dinosaurs and trains too. (I love old style steam trains. My Dad tells me all about them.)

    A friend of mine called Nick says “that it takes a real man to wear pink.”

  5. Melanie Morriss Tkach says:

    The mouse and cheese are so cute! My dad wears pink and purple for that matter but my husband refuses. Someone definitely falsley ingrained in him a while back that “pink is for girls.” What a neat teaching moment for your kids 🙂

  6. Carina Lawrence Schoen says:

    I love it when my kids look like a pack of skittles 🙂 it was my life goal as a kid (and maybe a grown up) to look as much like punky brewster as possible.

  7. The Gray Matters says:

    Love this! My son is always saying that “pink is for girls,” and this is a great way to keep that stereotype to a minimum.

  8. Cheryl Sweatt Cornutt says:

    There is no reason to fit in when you can stand out. God created knit us all individually in our mother’s wombs. We were are created to be unique and special.

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