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so fun to get to guest post over at The Root Collective’s blog today about our purchasing power.

go check it out here.  and get you some #Ottomademyshoes flats handmade in Guatemala here.


Goodies that give.  This was an idea that I had no idea what it meant 2+ years ago, but now it has become a frequent term on my blog, pinterest and just overall lingo.  See, I used to buy things just because they were cheap.  Especially jewelry, accessories and shoes.  I didn’t really know any better.  Then I was introduced to Noonday Collection, and The Root Collective among other amazing companies that create beautiful pieces hand made by artisans.

hand made!  this just astounds me, that instead of using my purchasing power to buy something that was made in a factory across the world, I can use my purchasing power for good!  I can say no to purchasing “cheap” things, and instead use my money and voice to purchase items that I know are ethicically produced.

I know now when I wear my Root Collective flats, that somewhere in Guatemala, Otto’s hands touched them and created these beautiful works of art on my feet.  When I wear my Noonday paper beads from Uganda, I picture Daniel, Bukenya and Caleb and all the work and heart and love that went into making that necklace special and unique.



You see, as consumers we have purchasing power!  We have the opportunity to spend our money on something that reaps rewards all over the world, not just in my closet.  Think about this….how many times have you given money to someone in need?  You know the parable – you can give a man a fish, or teach him how to fish…this purchasing from these artisans….it’s teaching them how to fish!  When you use your purchasing power for good, you are sending them a message too: YOU MATTER!

Your purchases are powerful because they give them purpose!  The power of having purpose is POWERFUL!  I’ve sat in enough homes of artisans all over East Africa to know that their job is the one thing that gives them purpose, it’s the thing that gets them up in the morning, it’s the thing that provides for their family.  It gives them HOPE, and a FUTURE, and there is nothing better than using our purchasing power to give purpose to the women + men all over the world who handmade these beautiful adornments we wear.

Entoto Workshop 01

so what do you say?  How about next time you are tempted to head to your local mall and pick up a $3 pair of earrings, how about instead think of how your purchase could be used for good?  Let’s do it!

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