high school parade/be who you are.


 y’all, seriously.

if you want to see the high school heirarchy, go to a homecoming parade.  

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a few weeks ago, we decided to “live alive” and get out on a Thursday night and head downtown for the annual Midland High homecoming parade.  Often, I can’t wait until my kids are in school.  Not because I don’t want to spend time with them [it actually terrifies me] but because I can’t wait to be even MORE a part of the community in the public school system.  

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so, we went.  and y’all it was so fun.

I love teenagers, and I pray that my season of ministry with them is not anywhere near over.  We’ve taken a little break these past two years with the kids home – but that age group is still so near and dear to my heart.  [but perk: our sweet babysitters are that age, and that’s the perfect opportunity to mentor and love on teenagers, when they are right there in your home, your family, and your life]

they are awkward.  they don’t know where they fit.  or they try to fit so many different places.  the things that might not be “cool” in high school, will undoubtedly be the things that are awesome in real adult land.  but they don’t know that yet.

I would do anything to go back to high school me, and say JUST STOP trying to fit in with everyone else!  do what you love.  it’s totally cool that you are both the head cheerleader and the co-editor of the yearbook.  no one says you have to chose.  or fit in ONE category.

…until you go to a high school homecoming, and “the groups” have never been more apparent.

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bonus: what I would say to my younger self.  be who you are! who god made you to be. 

ps- i plan jokes in my voice memos? that was so 2012.  


what would you go back and tell your high school  self??

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  1. Ali says:

    It’s so interesting to watch high school group dynamics at work from an outsiders perspective. Wish we all knew what really mattered when we were in high school.

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