what’s in my hospital bag?

let’s talk about what was in my hospital bag(s).  Ok, so it’s true.  I tend to be a bit of an over packer.  I might have gotten a little anxious about what I should/shouldn’t bring in my hospital bag.  I did a little poll on Facebook, and made a list and over the coarse of 4-5 weeks, I went over it time and time again.  What I have decided, is everyone is different and what is vital for me to have might not be for you.  But, I did want to share some of the things I brought and why I’m happy I did.

Also. OILS.  Because, I don’t know how people do life without them.  I had a huge list of labor + delivery oils and I certainly brought my “crock pot” (as my OB called it..) DIFFUSER with me and that’s why I was the nurses favorite.  Just saying.  Peace + calming all. day. long.  so let’s get going with my list!

  • my own pillow + blanket – YES, made it so much more comfy
  • phone charger, long extension cord, diffuser, sound machine – all big time yeses in my book
  • comfy pjs and socks – no brainer
  • chap stick + water bottle
  • pretty robe for post pardum (and for pics) from pink blush – so happy I splurged on this one!
  • my own toiletries + towel – that shower was pretty fab thanks to my own goods
  • nursing bras + tanks – yes and yes
  • coming home outfit for baby
  • make up + dry shampoo
  • depends- so I actually really liked the mesh panties from the hospital, but in case you didn’t…bring these
  • baby book – so I didn’t really need this one with me
  • all the oilllsssssssss

As you can see, I had all these things with me.  No shame.  Honestly though, the nurses all LOVED coming in my room to take a load off their feet because of my diffuser.  I mostly diffused peace + calming although I did do some gentle baby + lavender in there after Rivers was born.  also right before we began pushing, I went for a labor diffusing blend: frankincense, yang slang, lavender and roman chamomile.  

here are the oils/products I brought with me: 

  • claraderm – um, if you are giving birth vaginally, you NEED THIS.
  • grapefruit + lavender chapstick
  • release, valor, tranquil , lavender, ylang ylang, gentle baby, roman chamomile, en-r-gee
  • jasmine is one I put on pre-labor
  • calming blend: lavender + cedarwood + roman chamomlie
  • labor roller: helichrysum, fennel, peppermint, ylang ylang, clary sage
  • fennel for milk supply support
  • clary sage was another one I used once I was in labor
  • then all my usual emotional support oils for the days after: joy, valor, white angelica, stress away and en-r-gee

then you are feeling ALL THE EMOTIONS.  I get it.  this was me the morning we were leaving to go home.  I sat in the quiet hospital room with a sleeping baby on my chest and watched the sun come up while listening to worship music and just thanking God for this incredible gift.  Next up, I’ll talk about my must have nursing goods and post pardum thoughts!

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  1. i use oils regularly but never thought one could use them during delivery. Will share this information with my friends.

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