I ditched what???

Yes, yall. I am a fall loving woman but a few years ago, I “ditched” something that once brought such JOY and LIGHT in my home: candles. Once I started learning about the harmful chemicals in candles that were being emitted into the air in my home, I just said no. I have legit never looked back! If I can do it, so can you! Now, before you roll your eyes at me – let’s talk about how we can replace our beloved candles with something much better for your health!

Leaves falling, pumpkins lining entry ways, hot lattes, boots + scarves, college football….does reading this list make you as excited and giddy for fall as it does me?  Walking into Home Goods and seeing all the fall decor literally lights my fire. I’m ready for cool mornings, steaming coffee, chilli in the crock pot, football on the tv, and the smells of fall to take over my home. 

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‘Tis the season for cozying your home and we’ve got a round-up of perfect diffuser recipes for you to do just that! No need for candles and all their toxins and harmful chemicals when you have OILS!  We all love creating a warm environment in our homes, but what we may not know is that traditional candles really only “mask” unpleasant odors. Plus they are actually emitting chemicals into your home.  Ummmm no thanks! Essential oils don’t just mask odors, they purify and help create a peaceful environment while benefiting your overall health and wellbeing. Plus they smell amazingggggggg.

Ditching the synthetic fragrances that come along with traditional candles, and replacing them with a beautiful diffuser with a clean and fresh scent is the BEST thing you can do for your home and your health this fall.  Don’t know where to start? We are here to help you! 

you can get all the goodies in my FALL DIFFUSER FREEBIE here!

I remember when I started learning what was actually IN the candles that I was burning in my home 24/7, I was in shock.  I had no idea the impact the “fragrance” that filled my home made on my health. Mostly on my ashthma and allergies, but also with my hormones and just overall wellbeing.  I know it made an impact because when I stopped burning them, all of a sudden when I would go into a store or home that had candles I got a massive headache. I do not want that for you, or your kiddos.  We have the opportunity to be gatekeepers of our homes, and getting rid of the expensive fragrant candles is the first step.  

Just say no!

The amazing thing about young living essential oils, is you can blend them together to create beautiful scents, much like your beloved candles.  

Some of our favorites along with their benefits, just to give you an idea of what oils in your diffuser can really do for YOU! 

Here are some of my favorite scents that are a part of my fall diffuser freebie—
Ditch harmful chemicals in candles and replace them with these cozy fall scented essential oil blends
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