Sisters’ shared dream room

Welcome to our sisters’ shared dream room reveal!

Whether you have girls of your own and are looking for bedroom ideas, or just love getting a peek into kid spaces… I’m glad you are here. In this post, I will show you the before/afters, the vision behind the girls’ dream room, and how it all came together. Are you ready?

For YEARS, my oldest two (a boy + a girl) have shared a room. Now, if you’ve designed a room for both genders, you know you are more limited in design styles. When they were babies, their nursery was a cute yellow + gray, and then we moved on to coordinating bedspreads — each with their own personal flair.

Room switch up

…But with baby sister #4 coming into the picture, it was time to do a big room switch up! Camp moved into a room of his own (coming soon!), and the youngest moved up into a shared room with her old sister (making room for baby in the nursery).

While each kid had their own bed, we wanted to think more long term with our next move. I did what everyone does, and I crowdsourced Facebook. I decided to get all three big kids QUEEN sized beds. We wanted something they could have and grow into while they are in our home, and something (if they wished to) they could take with them when they graduate high school. Plus, since we no longer have an official “guest room,” queen beds will make it easier and more comfortable for when we do have family/friends come to stay.

The girls’ beds are from after much research. We wanted something feminine, yet not too “little girl.” Asher wanted something “comfy” that she could lean back on in bed to read. We are super happy with how they turned out. They were also pretty simple to put together and did not require a box spring (saving money!).

Their bedding is my favvvvvoooorrrriiitteeee and is from Beddy’s. This was actually the very first thing in the room we picked out. After hearing friends rave about it for years, I was excited to invest in it when it was time to get new bedding. Beddy’s is everything you need all in one: it’s one piece with a sewn-in sheet (minky!!). It fits easily on your bed so you don’t need a bed skirt. You basically only need this (no fitted sheet, sheet, comforter) it’s all in one. The best part is you “zip” the bedding up, so not only do you kids think they are sleeping IN A SLEEPING BAG but its super simple to keep the bed made. It looks so clean, and even my 3-year-old can do it.

use code WYNNE to get 15% off!!!!!

My girls have “daydream” minky.

The thing that REALLY makes this room pop of coarse, is the wallpaper wall!!! We chose this “poppy wall” from wall garnish. It’s removable wallpaper that you can do yourself. Works best on NON-textured walls. Tip: you can measure your wall first, email wall garnish your specs and they will tell you how much to order!

But I would highly recommend this if you are looking to bring some fun, texture, and a pop of color to an accent wall in your home!

Michelle, from Cultivate your Space, hung ours for us. If you aren’t local – you can purchase her e-course that comes out Sept 1… in it, she will teach you exactly HOW to do this yourself!

Window treatments were also huuuuuge for creating a cozy space. They have been on our list for 2 years, but window treatments aren’t cheap 😳 but, Michelle and I found a site called Just Blinds.  

Our home was custom built in the 60s and hardly any of our windows are “standard size.” So we had to custom order them. Let me just say that ordering them online like this saved us SO MUCH $$. They were about 1/3 of the price of the ones I had. Michelle measured all the windows, and we got “Roman shades” in vila pearl for the girls’ dream room.

They took some time to come in….and some time to hang…but I love that I can keep them up during the day, to let the light in! But then close them at night for all the cozy vibes. It really made a huge impact. 

Oh and they are blackout! It literally promotes alllllll the cozy vibes at night. I’m sorta jealous! 

Also just for fun, we added these fun pink velvet curtain panels and these cutie little cafe rods. We aren’t closing them — they are more just decorative. But they add such fun texture! Don’t you agree? 

Even though we have some good built in storage in the bathroom, I’m super glad we went with this 6 drawer dresser in between the girls beds. It serves as both a night stand and dresser = bonus. These “touch” lamps from Target are perfect, and there’s room for our sound machine + diffuser too. I left the top drawers as each of their own little “things” drawer. You know, the place they can put all their treasurers!

Inside the drawers, I love using these drawer dividers. It helps keep their clothes from just being wadded up and thrown in there, and they are divided by category. Both the girls know what goes where, which makes it easier for them to put away clean laundry too. #winning

I organize their closets by category as well: dresses, shirts, pants, etc. Just a tip: if you have really high closets like us, I snagged this double closet rod from Amazon – now they can reach their stuff!

Thank you for sticking around this long to hang with me! I hope after seeing the girls’ dream room, you feel inspired! If you are working on a shared sister space of your own, hope the resources and links helped. I”ll share all the sources below one more time!

bedding: Beddys // use code WYNNE for 15% off

wallpaper: poppy wall by wall garnish

beds: brookside bella, overstock

dresser: little seeds, wayfair

pillows: pink lumbar, Target // tufted lumbar, Target

curtains: velvet curtain, Target // cafe rod, Target

blinds: roman shades (villa pearl), just blinds

touch lamps, Target

drawer dividers, amazon // double rod, amazon

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