A postpartum prepping guide, just for you

Oh mama, whether you are postpartum or not, if you are reading this I just want you to know that you are incredible!!! I hope you are so proud of yourself and everything you have (or are about to) accomplish in bringing your baby (babies) into this world. I hope this post is a great resource for you. Let’s dive in!

Postpartum prep

Let’s talk about padcicles.

You might be wondering what the heck these are, but if you have a vaginal delivery (or even if you don’t!) these will be your best friend. This is a “cleaner” (non-toxic) version of what they might give you in the hospital to provide some relief down there after birth. I made up a big batch, and put them in my freezer in a zip lock. Then I just took them out as needed, and those first few weeks went through them all!

Supplies: cholorine free pads, aleo vera (not the green kind), witch hazel , essential oils: lavender, rosemary, geranium, frankinsence


Fill small glass spray bottle 1/2 way with witch hazel along with 5-10 drops of each oil of your choosing.

Top off with a little more witch hazel (don’t forget to label the bottle).

Wash your hands.

Get several pads out – make an assembly line of sorts, and get your aloe bottle and use it to “dampen” each pad. You don’t want to soak it, but put enough on there!

Get your pre-made spray bottle and spray generously!

Fold them back up, and put in a zip lock! (don’t forget to label it!)

What’s in my nursing basket

Getting everything prepped before the baby came home was a game-changer this go round! I knew what I needed, and I had it all set up and I was so grateful!

First, let’s talk about the nursing supplies! I like to get a cute basket (Target has some good ones!) to keep the most necessary items with me at all times. Basically so I can move it from room to room, especially in the early days. Here’s what I keep in there.

Haakaa – This manual breast pump is perfect for “catching” the milk from one breast, while you are nursing from the other. Here’s a video on how to use it. It’s also worked for me with clogged ducts. I put warm water and epsom salt in it and kept it on the breast that had the clog.

Diapers – I love a good “clean” diaper. You want to make sure it’s fragrance-free. We love parasol – it’s a subscription based service, so we set it up to come straight to our house! Genius.

Wipes – We are obsessed with Young Living’s Seedlings line. It’s safe, effective, plant based, free from artificial fragrance, and with a yummy lavender smell! If you are a young living member, you can snag them!

Tummygize oil – another Young Living must have! This oil is made for kids and is the best tool I’ve found for that infant gas and tummy issues. You can dilute it even further, or simply get the roller and go. I share how I use this on this Instagram highlight!

I actually like to “dilute” it with the seedlings baby oil! It smells so good and does the job.

Burp cloths!!!!! Honestly, you need to have these in every room! I actually use a swaddle blanket for burp cloths because I have a major spitter.

Nipple cream – so I have two things: I love to use Young Living’s rose ointment! This is so great for any dry or chapped skin. I also love the motherlove nipple cream.

If you aren’t changing in the room, I love these little gather mats. You can just put it on the bed, couch, etc, and wipe it down!

Tender tush or Seedlings diaper cream – the diaper cream is white and thick and does a great job of sealing in wetness which I love. The tender tush is one of my all-time skin support products!

Snacks for you! Make sure you always have snacks nearby. I love granola bars, energy bites, popcorn…

Valor oil – okay this one’s for me! But every mama needs a little confidence boost before feeding their baby, especially if you are new to it all!

What’s in my postpartum basket

My postpartum heros in a nutshell:

Water, ningxia red, placenta pills, energy bites

I make sure I have all of these things with me! I had my doula encapsulate my placenta and honestly I’m so glad I did. There isn’t a ton of research on if it really “works” for all (I’ve heard stories), but I decided to go ahead and do it this time. It can help with the postpartum blues, and you can do some research if you are interested. Read this blogpost from mama natural!

Also Ningxia red is a game-changer for pregnancy, postpartum, and then really all of life. I drink at least 2 oz a day, I keep these packets in the fridge and I’ll drink one cold in the morning and usually again mid-afternoon (instead of coffee). It helps me not have that “brain fog” and I, in general, call it my mom fuel.

What I prepped before hand to keep in the bathroom

Helichrysum oil put on your abdomen to stop bleeding right after birth and for a few weeks after.

Claraderm spraythis is the #1 thing I would suggest!!! This amazing spray is formulated for mamas to be in order to help soothe the lady parts after birth or even to prep the area for birth. It’s incredible. you can spray it “down there.” I also sprayed it on my c-section scar for recovery.

Skin and scar balm – if you have a c-section, another go-to is this organic skin and scar balm. Just a warning: the label on it made me cry hormonal tears!

Mesh panties – I brought these home from the hospital with me, and I also went all gangster and ordered more from amazon. I also love these high waisted panties (great for c section scar).

Freida peri bottle – it does more than just cleaning you up after you pee, check out Kerri Lochner’s IG account for more info.

What I keep next to my bed

I love to have things accessible and ready when I need them! So here’s my must haves to have in arm’s length.

40oz water with straw – hydration is huge. I love so much the hydroflask!

Chapstick – no one wants dry lips.

Diffuser – I love gentle baby + lavender or peace and calming.

Afterease – these drops were so good those first 2 or so weeks when my uterus was contracting when I was nursing. I’ve heard this is worse the more kids you have. I did a dropper under my tongue and chugged water while I was nursing.

Stool softener – let me just say those first BMs are a little scary… so take a stool softener either at the hospital or when you get home. Along with magnesium.

Cbd calm roller – mama needs some emotional support.

Cbd muscle rub – I put this on my neck and upper back. It helps so much, especially because your body can find itself in some weird positions for a long period of time with nursing/sleeping *note for chiropractor!!

Night light – this is the most GENIUS thing!!!!! I took it to the hospital and am so glad I did. In the middle of the night when you are nursing and don’t want to turn your lamp on, but need some light. It’s perfect and has various light options.

Let’s talk about night sweats. Postpartum your hormones are all over the place, and I remember with my last daughter waking up those first few weeks (months?) drenched in sweat. Eww. So I did some research this time and got this “pad” to put down on top of my sheet. Then instead of washing my sheets every time, we just washed this!

Post Partum clothes

I thought I would share a few fave postpartum wardrobe items! Those first few weeks/months you might just be hanging out at home more than normal and it’s nice to have some clothes that are comfortable, easy for nursing, and cute!

I keep most of mine in a basket in my bathroom, but if I had drawer space in there I would do that.

If you had a c-section – belly binder! Get yourself one. It helps so much and you wear it over your incision (low) and helps so much especially when you are walking around. It will help you not feel like your insides are falling out.

Reusable nursing pads – I like the ones that you can wash. I keep them in this mesh bag (mostly so I don’t lose them), and keep them handy.

High waisted undies – the key is to get these in dark colors (so you don’t get them messy).

Nursing bras – some of my faves can be found here.

Nursing tanks – honestly I only have 1 good one that I wear over and over.

Jammie dresses – I love ones that button on top and are flowy. Easy access for the middle of the night nursing.

I’m also obsessed with blanqui leggings, nesting olive robes, dwell and slumber house dresses and cozy house shoes!

You can find links here. I do get a small commission when you use my link to order! So thank you for your support.

Don’t forget a scrunchie! And I will say getting out of your actual jammies and putting on a little mascara and blush will do wonders for how you feel!

Food prep

All the nesting mamas know this is the thing to do when you are waiting for baby! Nesting is in full effect, and you aren’t sure what to do anymore so prepping food becomes a way to pass the time!

I spent a lot of time in the kitchen those last 2-3 weeks, and I wanted to share what I made and loved! I typically focused on breakfast foods, snacks, and easy healthy things to grab while I was nursing. Because, HELLO, if you are nursing = you are always hungry.





The overnight oats are my fave still. I make a big batch a few times a month on a Sunday and eat them all week. I’ll either eat cold or warm-up for 60 seconds in the microwave. So yum!!!!

And the no bake energy bites are the BEST snack while you are nursing: no matter the time of day!


Kid prep

I’ll end on something that you might not be thinking about: your other kids! Make sure to make a plan to care for them while you are at the hospital or birth center. Leave notes for grandparents, make plans for school drop off/pick up, etc!

OK YALLLLLLL I hope that was helpful. This is a master list, but I hope it’s something you can come back to when you need it, or send it to a friend when she does!

Cheering you all on in your postpartum journey!!!!!

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