Holidays Rhythms: Start Now to Create the Holiday Season You Desire

You can create the Holiday season you desire. It starts with your thoughts.

Hey friend, it’s been too long! I am so happy to be here with you again – and it’s HOLIDAY SEASON!! How did this happen? I have a question for you–

How do you actually feel when the holidays come?

How do you want to feel? (I bet it’s different!)

Picture yourself on New Year’s Day- everything is over, the gifts have all been unpacked and put away and you are reflecting on the season. What emotions are flooding in? Peace? Rest? Contentment? Holidays rhythms are going to help you lean into the good stuff, and come out at the end of the holidays overflowing with joy and peace! 

Say it with me: I create the holidays that I desire.


It is way too easy during the holiday season to become overwhelmed and spread thin! However, spending time creating a rhythm will keep that from happening. Trust me…I’ve learned that what we all want is to be present in this season. So the earlier we can start on all the things that go into it the better. These rhythms and getting started early allows us to be present with the people who matter doing the things that matter most!


Imagine a holiday season where you are functioning from a place of intention and peace, instead of overwhelm and stress. 

My encouragement for you is that it is possible! I want to cast a vision for how you can choose to intentionally experience this holiday season. I’m here to give you hope and vision for how this year can be different.

But here’s your encouragement to start now! 

This is why I created my free holiday rhythms guide and rhythms template!! It will walk you through exactly what you need to know to move from a season of overwhelm to one of being intentional in each special moment. Download it here!

It’s so easy to begin filling in your template right away simply by defining what matters most to you this holiday season. This is going to help you cut the extras that just fill the calendar and take away precious time. Look at your list and make a plan! Spread out your financial investment by buying in October and November. Once you make your plan and define what matters most, create a holiday rhythms list…its that simple.

Cast a vision for the holidays and eliminate the stress!

This is for you so that you can create space for the things that matter. I can’t wait for you to get your hands on this, friend! 

For extra inspiration, make sure to check out my podcast episodes on this subject!

And read this!

Cheers to walking into your holiday season with peace and intention while eliminating all the overwhelm and stress!

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