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this story won’t leave my mind, so I’m bringing it to you today.  a story of hope, and healing, and justice being done.

do you remember when I told you about Jamie?  beautiful Jamie, who was walking, and laughing and singing with us around the table in Kigali?

rwanda day 4 039


This is her story.

and this is not ok.  this everyday violence is what plauges third world countries like Rwanda, and hurts beautiful people like Jamie.  it is NOT OK.

but IJM is doing something about it.  the took her to safety, they helped her get prosthetic legs, they spoke into who she was and how she is beautiful and loved.

they got her counseling, and helped her find a home with other children with disabilities.

their lawyers convicted her abusers.

and they placed Jamie in a rehabilitation center where she learned to walk again!

rwanda day 4 115

“I thank God that he makes a way when there is no way”- Jamie

rwanda day 4 162

these people in this video?  they are my friends.  they are fighting the everyday injustices every day in Rwanda.  and WE can be a part of it.  Sign up to become a freedom partner with IJM, and help IJM give 24/7 care to their clients around the world!

  • Kiersten - Her smile just brings so much joy and light. I appreciate that you share her story. I appreciate that you don’t just talk about something once, but that you come back to it and to how it is affecting your heart and actions. Not allowing it to just become a sad story that everyone can read once and move on from. I think the world needs more of that and I am so glad you are willing to be a part of it. Be blessed, Wynne.ReplyCancel

Happy middle of the week friends!  Just wanted to pop in and say hello, and say I have loved hearing from you the past week!  I love hearing what some of your favorite pieces are from the new Noonday fall line – and wanted to say congrats to Danielle Martino for winning the ruffled make up bag!  She also will get some yummy Rodan + Fields product from my long time friend, Nicole Binniker [who has also become a Noonday shopper!]  If you haven’t had a chance to make it to a trunk show this season yet, you are going to want to do that!  If you don’t know who the ambassador is in your area, go to this link + scroll to the bottom to find “connect with your local ambassador”.  The home office team will connect you, it’s that easy!

So Danielle, you can put your Rodan + Fields broad spectrum powder + lip shield in your Noonday ruffled makeup bag!

winner winner

I also loved reading through all of your submissions for why you want to win my copy of Jen Hatmakers revised and expanded, Interrupted!  So many of you ladies are seeking, and searching and excited that God is opening your world view and wrecking your comfortable christiantiy.  and I want to encourage you, even if you don’t win this book – head over to amazon, or barnes + noble and get yourself one!  better yet, get two and pass one along to a friend?  The winner of this book is Grace Cho.  Congrats friend!


I just love that when God is speaking to me, He is so obvious.  He’s poured into me so much this week through His Word, through ASK CBS ministry, through Mid Cities girls night, IF Equip Galatians study and I’m so thankful.  It was just what my soul needed to recharge and be filled to overflowing again.  I hope this encourages you to seek the Lord, to ask Him to fill you, ask Him to put people and ministry opportunities in your path that will draw you closer to him.  He is faithful, and he will do it.


This weekend I’m headed outta town for the first ever Royal Daughters Glampout in Fredricksberg, Texas put on by the Beloved Society…led by my dear friends Alison + Beth.  If you are a mom or a wife and you are cautious to leave your family for a weekend – let me just encourage you that it is time well spent.  There is something about leaving all the daily duties behind, and getting in your car, or on an airplane, and driving away from it all for a few days.  I can speak from personal experience – but it only makes me a better wife and mom.  Getting away to be refreshed, spending time in Gods word, fellowshiping, eating yummy food, and late nights in jammies talking with your girlfriends…it is for sure food for my soul.

So I can’t wait for the glampout, and Jenna’s yummy food, and fancy dress up night, and sitting around the campfire, and breathing in the hill country for the weekend.  Me, Wendy, Jody and Sarah will be taking off from Midland Friday and I might be counting down the days.  There’s also something special about getting outta town with the girlfriends you do life with in your community.  I haven’t gotten to do this with most of this crew yet, so…lots of stories to come I’m sure!


I hope you all have a happy weekend!  I might be popping back in this week with an encouraging word, or I might not see you until next week:) that’s what the freedom of the last week of summer means right?


In December of 2011, I first told you about this book that was wrecking my thoughts and thinking.  It was called Interuppted, and it’s written by Jen Hatmaker.  I did a little review on it here, but basically what you need to know is God used that book to speak to me at the beginning of my life “interrupted”.  Stephen + I had just gotten home a few months earlier from our first mission trip to Africa, and our dossier [to adopt] had been in Ethiopia just a few short months.  I was for sure searching, and seeking, and wondering what it really meant to live missionally.  To live wrecked, interrupted, and gloriously ruined.   I remember having a lot of questions, a lot of fear, and wondering how to live now that my eyes had been opened – and Jen’s book let me know that we weren’t alone out in those waters.  As I said in 2011, reading this book & starting to pray about living missionally has already started to transform my thinking

Enter July 2014, I was in Rwanda with Noonday + IJM sitting next to said author as she told me about her revised and expanded version of Interuppted.  I knew right then I needed to re-read it.  It was an honor to sit in that coffee shop that day and tell Jen that her voice has been one God has used in my life, and in our generation, to unlock scriptures and teaching for many.


If you have, or even if you haven’t, read any of Jen’s books – I would say (and she says too) THIS is the one to read.  Without this book, she couldn’t have written 7 – this was the “prequel” as she says to 7.  This book is her heartbeat.  The revised + expanded version has so much to offer – not only new material but notes from her husband Brandon and much more.  I mean the title just grabs you: Interuppted: when Jesus wrecks your comfortable christianity.  It’s the story of God taking the Hatmakers and plucking them out of ” complacent, comfortable, safe Christianity” and dropping them into “the deep end of struggle, injustice, brokenness, and a hurting humanity”.

Has God done that to you?  Has he opened your eyes to the hurting world around you and you just don’t know what to DO with it?  Have you been in church all your life, like me, but missed some key scriptures about the poor and oppressed? You aren’t alone, sister.  Let this book help mobilize you, educate you, convict you, and push you out towards what you are called to do.

I’ve loved re-reading this book, as the Lord is not done with us.  He is continually wrecking our lives for Him and His glory and it’s books and writers like this one that help push us out the door.  I don’t have it all together, I have so much more to learn, and God has so much left to speak to me.  Reading this book 3 years into this journey He’s called us on, is even more confirmation that the best is yet to come.


Until reading this book, and hearing Jen speak several times, I hadn’t ever heard someone be so real about our interpretations of several scriptures talking about the poor.  This is what I mean…

“hey, here’s something crazy:  In the Word, poverty, widows, huger – these are not metaphors. There are billions of lambs that literally need to be fed.  WITH FOOD” 

I know reading this book will open your eyes and your heart to understand the scriptures we’ve read over and over, even deeper.  It’s not easy, y’all, but it’s important.  Will you take the challenge and pray about what could happen when we fully surrender, and allow Jesus to completely wreck and interrupt our lives?  

I’m giving away 1 paperback copy of Interrupted today – simply comment and tell me why you want to get your hands on a copy of this book.  Winner will be chosen at random on Wednesday.


Jan Hatmaker is the author of 7: An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess and A Modern Girl’s Bible Study series. With a heart for her generation, she speaks at conferences around the country. Jen resides in Austin, Texas, with her husband, Brandon, and their five children. To learn more about Jen and follow her blog, go to


  • Elizabeth - Two of my favorite “internet people”! You and Jen Hatmaker! I’m about to finish the 7 Bible Study and I just absolutely LOVE her! I’d love to read Interrupted as well!ReplyCancel

  • Sara Newberry Harms - i would love to win a copy of this book because i want to give it to the friend who told me about Interrupted the first time! she’s a mom with four (count ‘em, four!) kiddos and i would love to bless her with a copy. i have mine on order from NavPress…can not wait!ReplyCancel

  • Brittany Liggitt - I want my life to make a difference.ReplyCancel

  • Erin Williams - After reading your thoughts on this book, I feel like it’s exactly where I am right now…wanting to know and explore how we can live missionally in the midst of everyday life. I immediately wanted to buy the book but I have just recommitted myself to our budget and I have no more “blow” money. So if I don’t win, I’ll just have to wait until next month:)ReplyCancel

  • Mindy Reeves - I think that every Christian woman could use an interruption to her busy life trying to juggle her family and faith. This sounds like a book that I need to read!!!ReplyCancel

  • Carrie - This book has been on my wish list for a while now. God has been breaking my heart for what breaks His over the last few years, and I’ve made some progress toward pursuing Him and others in that. I still feel like I have so much to learn in this area and I think “Interrupted” would be so helpful!ReplyCancel

  • Ali - Amidst infertility treatments, adoption, and a move to a new state (literally in a week), I feel like I’ve put faith on the back burner…. again … even though I’m craving that connection. This seems like a good place to start!ReplyCancel

  • Caroline - I have never read this, but would love to! What an impact it would have if we all lived interrupted! Love the title and summary! Love getting wrecked in the spirit!ReplyCancel

  • Caeli - Would love this book! It sounds amazing and just what I need at the point I’m at in life. My comfortable Christianity is being tested big time and I am fearful but also very excited for where God is taking me!!ReplyCancel

  • Grace Cho - I would love to win one to go through with the girl I mentor!ReplyCancel

  • Ali - I’d love to win a copy! I just finished reading Radical by David Platt and this sounds like it has a similar heartbeat.ReplyCancel

  • Rebekah - I am in the middle of God stirring up my heart. I am searching for the next steps and trying to live in the moment and just love on those around me. I would love to read this book!!ReplyCancel

  • kimberly oyler - oh i’d love this! i am almost done reading 7 (finally) and would love to read this!ReplyCancel

  • Megan - I would like to read Interrupted because I’m at a flexible point in my life (done with school, but no marriage or kids) and facing endless possibilities of what living missionally would look like for me. Should I adopt? Should I look for a different job? Should I move somewhere? I have a hard time balancing the idea that God has me right where he wants me with me worrying that I’ve got it all wrong and actually I’m just being complacent and missing some higher calling. At the same time, it feels like for now at least, my place is my 9-5 job. I hope that reading Interrupted will help me figure out what I can do for the poor and oppressed when my full time job is not helping the poor and oppressed. Sometimes I feel envious of people who know exactly what they’re supposed to do to help because besides giving money to causes, I don’t know what that looks like for me. Anyway, that is a really long answer to the question, but I hope Interrupted will help me work through some of those things! Thanks for doing the giveaway!ReplyCancel

  • Jessica Mumford - I DO think I have become too comfortable with my faith. Starting our Ethiopian adoption process 2 years ago, I started becoming wrecked for people living in poverty. And now, still going through this loooon enduring adoption process, I think I need a heart change to remind me what God says about living missionally and serving others, giving our lives to Him and His people.ReplyCancel

  • Katlyn Brekke - I’m the a-type, schedule driven, don’t do well with surprises or change in life kinda gal. I like to be in control and know what’s coming around the corner so I have time to prepare for it. Yet, I know that’s not putting my trust in Him, opposed to being open to the idea of change, the unknown, God’s “schedule” not mine. I need a welcome interruption!ReplyCancel

  • Laura - I’ve been so excited and scared to read this! I would love a copy of Interrupted.ReplyCancel

  • Katy Stone - I’ve heard such good things about this book. This is the first time in our marriage that we have been “settled” in one place longer than a year. While that’s been a good thing in SO many ways, I’ve found myself lately becoming complacent and I hate that. Looking (first to scripture, of course) for something to read to bring a little kick in the “spiritual pants”! :) ReplyCancel

I have this constant need.

it’s a need for time + space.  but, I know I’m not the only one that has that need.  we all would probably elect to add more hours to our day if it were humanly possible.  but the good Lord gifted us with 24 hours in each day for a reason, and so that’s the time frame we get to work with.

I don’t want to say it’s not enough, because of the aforementioned gift from God, but some days it feels like it’s not.

the days are long and the years are short – right?  just about every time I think about that quote as a mother of little ones, I get a little misty eyed.  for the love, I know the years are short.  most days that makes me really sad – longing for time to slow down, time to stop, and my babies to be babies forever.  but to be honest, the days right now seem very long.

yesterday I didn’t leave the house, or get out of my pajamas per say.  my sweet husband came to our rescue earlier than most afternoons, and gave me some time to find my own time and space.  and for that I am very grateful.

friends ask me every day, “how was Africa”.  it’s such a loaded question, and one I cannot answer in the form that I would answer a “how was your weekend” question.  I want to tell them, and some days I have the energy and space to do so, and some days (like this day) I just said ” I don’t know.  I haven’t had the time to process”.

I’m learning so much about myself, and what I need and where I thrive.  I love to be around people – I love to be creating, and connecting, and sharing stories and life.  I feel alive when I’m traveling and trying new experiences and going on adventures with my family.  I like to mix things up, and always have something to look forward to, something to dream of.

earlier this week, my sweet Asher didn’t want to nap so we cuddled on the couch, had some popcorn, and watched Tangled.  I had never seen it, but pretty much cried through the whole thing.  I love the part at the end where Rapunzle + Eugene are in the boat about to see the lights and she says something like “what if it’s not everything I dreamed it would be?”  and Eugene says, it will.  she responds, what if it is, what do I do then? …” well that’s the good part I guess, you get to go and find a new dream” 

This year has been full.  major full.  dreams fulfilled – amazing experiences and trips, Africa twice, the opportunity to share the story God is writing for my life – and now…now I feel like it’s all over.  I cried over Tangled I think because it made me realize it WAS all I expected.  and it’s over.  but the good news is… I can go out and dream a new dream.

Where it gets tricky, is I am still processing and thinking and living through the dreams I’ve been living.  I still want to tell those stories, and share lessons learned, and make photo books of the past few months.  I don’t want it to be over – yet I’m ready for the next dream. it’s a weird place.  I want to tell you more about it.  I want to write about it because writing is my form of therapy.  Even if no one reads, I would still write.  Writing helps me see more clearly, express my thoughts in a way I can’t do when I speak or think them.  I just started Aly Vesterfelts new ebook, writing to find yourself, and I love it already…

“Writing is healing. Writing is cheap therapy. Writing can help you find yourself. That is what brings me back to this terrible, treacherous, incredibly painful, slowly-but-surely process day-after-day. Not the number of copies I’ve sold. It’s the knowledge that writing is intrinsically valuable. I tend to get out even more than I put in. “


so here’s to two more weeks until my kiddos are back at school + this mama has her brain back.  I crave that time alone, in a coffee shop, with my fingers on the keyboard.  I have so many stories to share.  life to dissect.  feelings to feel and experiences to process.  hang in there with me, will ya?

  • erika - “what if it’s not everything I dreamed it would be?” and Eugene says, it will. she responds, what if it is, what do I do then? …” well that’s the good part I guess, you get to go and find a new dream”

    ugh. hits me right there. because i have that same fear. when it’s a dream, when it’s not tangible, it’s almost a comfort of something magical to look forward to, because what if when i get there, it’s not right? sometimes dreaming and not doing anything feels safer.

    thinking of you + praying for time for to process for you.ReplyCancel

    • Wynne - thank you friend. i’m glad it made sense to someone and wasn’t totally out of left field! what happens when the dream is complete? then what? that’s what i’m thinking about and processing now. thank you for your prayers!ReplyCancel

If you are here from the ambassador blog train, welcome!  I’m excited to join this train of world changing women once again to bring awareness and excitement around our new fall 2014 line!  If this is your first stop, visit precious Ethiopian adoptive mama, Shannon’s giveaway from yesterday  and visit Emily’s later today!   I absolutly am in LOVE with the new line and think you will too!  I want to share a few of my favorite pieces from the fall line, and give away one of my favorite new pieces from our Rwandan group that I’ve come to love so dearly.  I hope you see through these images, that these women are just like you and me.  They have joy, they cook dinner for their families, they entertain their neighbors, they have a love and passion for their children, they have deep passion for what they do which in turns gives ME great passion for what I do.




“the moment” for me on the #StyleForJustice trip was the first day we pulled up to the sewing co-op.  I was the first one out of the bus, and I couldn’t wait to put my arms around those sweet women who I sat across the living room with three years ago.  Words fail me to tell you how welcomed and loved I felt to walk into their studio and their lives.  Triple kisses on the cheek followed by a long hug made my heart feel at home.  Tears filled my eyes as I thought of the hundreds of customers I have back at home who proudly wear their items, and are exposed to their stories at my trunk shows.  With shaky hands and pounding heart I told them that they gave me purpose.  Their passion + purpose in their work, only gave me more passion and purpose in my work to be their ambassador.

rwanda 2 097


last week was such a crazy, god-authored week.  all the emotions from our #StyleForJustice trip came back up.  I’m a delayed processor, and so there’s so many more “nuggets” to come from that trip.  but watching this short film about our trip made it all so real and tender again.  seeing the faces of my Rwandan friends on the video, hearing the shakiness in my voice and seeing the tears in my eyes.  it’s all real.  my passion for Noonday Collection and the over 2,000 artisans in over 10 countries around the world is only grown deeper.  more fiery.  [is that a word?].

that first day at the co-op that I spoke of above, was one that dreams are made of.  this is what I wrote that day:

“Standing in front of our Noonday Collection sewing co-op today, was a brave friend of mine, who through tears, told our seamstresses how much of a dream fulfilled today was.  A day she has been dreaming of, hoping for, and 3 years ago wasn’t sure it would be a reality.  The picture she painted was of all our artisans, and ambassadors holding hands around the world and lifting us up.


If I could bottle up the joy and pride that exuded from every single one of our seamstresses today, I would.  I would do anything for you to have been there.  To feel the warmth of their hugs and genuine thanks on their lips. I wish you could have been there to hold my hand as I was holding back my own happy tears.  This is why I do what I do.  These women.  They inspire me, empower me, and are the reason I spend hours every week loading + unloading a car full of samples, driving to a friends houses’ and telling their stories.”



in honor of these joy filled, amazing women, I’m giving away one of their beautiful products:



the ruffled make up bag, made with love in Rwanda

a Rafflecopter giveaway

enter between now + monday at midnight to win!  ps – if you aren’t already follow the ambassador style challenge on instagram this week with the hashtag #noondaystyle for ideas of how to style your new fall pieces!

shop my faves and the rest of the line here!

photos by Paige Knusden 

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  • Katy Owens - So fun you got to visit the women you’ve been partnering with!

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the silver trinity necklace set of 3. The combo is wonderful together!ReplyCancel

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