korah. the first time I heard of this place was via the blog world. I heard and saw via video, Sammy tell his story. His story of living on the trash dump of Korah until he was 13 years old. I followed along blogs and videos and images of this place for the past year. But there was no way that I could have been prepared for what God was going to do in my heart when my feet hit the streets.
You see, Korah is a community in Addis Ababba, Ethiopia full of outcasts. It was started as a leper community 75 years ago. Now there are over 3 generations of people living there. “The name Korah came from the idea that the people in the community were cursed” Kari Gibson, aka Mama KiKi, just posted a great blog post about the history of Korah & Sammy. I highly suggest you read it: http://mycrazyadoption.org/a-boy-who-grew-up-in-korah
The hospital, Alert, that started this whole community is still there today. On our first day at Korah we got the opportunity to visit it. Here is one of the lepers making a beautiful rug. It’s amazing what they can do without their fingers. Truly amazing.
back to my trip to Korah. the first day that we stepped on these muddy streets, I felt at home.
I am totally aware that this is a supernatural moment in my life, that is so incredibly hard to put into words. How could a place full of misfit people that most saw as “cursed” be my new friends? But it was. I didn’t love them because “I should” or because “we were on a mission trip” or “because everyone else seems to” but I loved them truly and wholly with the love that Jesus gave me to love them. This has been my prayer for some time now, and to see it actually happen, in the flesh, on real children and to see it in a tangible way – it was unbelievable. It had absolutely nothing to do with me. I get no benefit from loving these precious children. I think so many times at home we do things for very selfish reasons. Even if it’s subconscious. We invite someone over to dinner, and if we are honest hope that they return the favor. But it says in the word….

Luke 14:12-14

English Standard Version (ESV)

The Parable of the Great Banquet
12He said also to the man who had invited him, “When you givea]’>[a] or your relatives or rich neighbors,C)’>inviteE)’> at

Tanna Clark - Big smile! I can’t wait to hear more about Tesfaye! And I know what you mean… how you felt when you got there. I felt the same way when I first went to Haiti. I’m sure Korah will put me over the edge. I know when I meet that sweet boy face to face it will be hard to leave!

Wanted to let you know, my cousin signed up to sponsor this morning!ReplyCancel

Let me just preface this by saying that the last few nights have been pretty sleepless. The images from my time in Korah have been running through my head tirelessly. My goal was to get all of my pictures edited before this weekend so I could start telling the stories and using the images to raise awareness, prayer and financial support for these beautiful people. Sitting down at my computer the first two nights of the week to edit these images, I just wept. It was like I was reliving the stories, my heart was breaking over and over again. All I could do was cry out to God and pray for these dear friends. But last night, after a 3+ hour coffee date with my friend Katie, I returned home full of strength from God to edit the images. I think I’ve been trying to delay what I know I want to do because I’m afraid that I won’t get a response, or that people won’t feel as connected to these kids as I would like, or that what I set out to accomplish won’t be accomplished. (key word: what I set out to do) I’m just being honest. But God has been good to me and has put a burden on my heart for the children of Korah and a passion to see them all get sponsored to go to boarding school this fall (they start September 30th) and to get all the supplies they need for school. It’s my prayer that as I tell you the stories of these precious ones that the Holy Spirit would move you to act, pray and to give.

The Lord gently reminded me Monday that I have to live with open hands & that I can’t make these kids idols. He cares for them more than I ever could, He wants them to go to school more than I do, He wants them to have food & shelter more than I do – HE WILL TAKE CARE OF THEM! We were created in this world for one reason: to bring glory to God. That’s what I want. For Him to USE ME, for Him to use these gifts and passions that He has given me, ultimately for lives to be changed.
I wish I could sit down with everyone of you and tell you the stories face to face like I have done the past two weeks with a handful of friends. I wish you could hear the passion in my voice, see the love on my face, and cry with me as so many have already done. I want these stories and these images to come to life! I want these people to be REAL PEOPLE to you and not just a face from the other side of the globe. I am praying confidently that God can USE me and USE these images and stories for His purposes, to bring Him glory. It’s time that I stop being afraid and start believing in the power of my prayers and know that ultimately, the Holy Spirit will do the work. I’m just an instrument – use me Lord! So I’m going to start telling you the stories and continue to PRAY BIG that God can use us right where we are in America to reach the nations. Get ready:)

For more info:
Project 61 website http://p61.org/
Project 61 on facebook http://www.facebook.com/project61
to donate to Project 61: www.p61.org/donate.html
{way more on how to get involved to come!}

  • SarahR - Girl, I’m right there with you. I left Uganda/Ethiopia on July 27 and haven’t gotten around to blogging (or even starting a blog for that matter). I find excuses like my kids keeping me busy, etc. I want to tell the stories of the children I met, but Satan keeps whispering that I’m not a good writer and there are other blogs out there that all say the same thing. Well God didn’t send me on this trip for me to point to other people’s blogs. My voice needs to be added!

    Praying you will find the words and I’ll be reading it :) I’m making a goal of getting something started this weekend!ReplyCancel

I’m starting a class TONIGHT (yes, in 45 minutes!) at our local college called Perspectives! (http://www.perspectives.org/site/pp.aspx?c=eqLLI0OFKrF&b=2806295) It’s a class on christianity and missions. I first heard about it on my mission trip to El Salvador over spring break this past year & my heart was moved to take it. I am actually really proud of myself for saying no to a few things this fall so I could devote a lot of time to this class. To study, to read, to do the homework, to put my whole heart into it. To see where God is leading me (and us) in the future.

My good friend Ansley asked me this weekend what my thoughts were about where my heart is towards missions. It’s pretty crazy that besides a mission trip to Mexico in college & to New Orleans in High School that I hadn’t really ever gone on an international mission trip and in the past 5 months I’ve been to El Salvador, Uganda & Ethiopia. A new world has shown itself to me. My heart is drawn towards missions and I hope and pray that this class will give me some clarity about what that looks like.
God is moving. and where He is, I want to be. Praying that this class will help me gain knowledge, wisdom and perspective. Will you pray with me?
Can’t wait to tell you about it. I’ve got my 147 orphan bag packed with my new notebook from Target and I’m ready to go:)If you know me well, you know when I mean when I say I have the BPs. EEKK!!! Time to be a student again!

  • Chantel Klassen - Hey Wynne -was just searching your blog for this post because I’ve been thinking about taking this class. Jared and I have been talking lately about getting into missions full-time. All in God’s time but it makes me so excited. I can’t wait to see what He has planned for you!ReplyCancel