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Do I have a really cool God story for you!

Well, most of you know I run a photography business. What you might not know is that my dream/goal/wish is to be able to use my gifts to further God’s kingdom. What I love about photography is the way I can tell a story with it. I believe that everyone has a story & they all desire for their story to be heard and told. I believe that God has given me a passion for people & photography for this very reason. So I’ve literally been begging God to let me have an opportunity to tell people’s stories through photographs.

Stephen & I met with the missions pastor at our church early fall & one thing we talked about was how fun/beneficial it would be if I got to travel with our mission teams to the churches we partner with around the world to bring those stories back to our church. So people could know what we are doing around the world & be more of a part of the missions of Stonegate. I was super excited about the idea but knew with a full time job & a full time business it might not be the perfect timing.

Fast forward to the past couple of weeks – I’ve been thinking about it more & more and knowing that now would be the perfect time to get to do something like this since I now have 1 job instead of 2. I have been wanting to contact the church but it just never really felt right for me to reach out. So two weekends ago, I was at eTeen retreat and got the chance to hear from my friend Baron Batch. Baron is an awesome guy, football player, writer, photographer. He has a very powerful story – anyway, I read his blog ( and saw that he has recently been in Haiti. He took portraits of some of the kids that are available for sponsorship & came home and sold the portraits and sent the money back to pay for those kids to go to school for a year. AWESOME! Well, so I talked to him about it and he gave me some good advice – “just do it”.
Also, at this retreat I talked to my friend April who informed me she was going on a women’s mission trip to el Salvador over spring break. Also talked to my friend Doug Tull who told me if I really wanted to take photos on mission trips I should go with them to Honduras over spring break with Buckner. South America – over and over. I knew it would be a cheaper option than going to Africa 3 times in two years. Starting to grow on me. God planting the seed.

That Sunday our good friends, Casey & Allison, sent us links to a sermon series from their church in Lubbock – Experience Life, called “Just do it”. I listened to two of the 3 sermons and was very encouraged. Practical ways to be in Gods will. Pray about what he wants you do to, then where he wants you to do it. Don’t sit around and think about it forever – at some point you just have to do it. God will guide and direct your path one way or another. I am encouraged. I pray.

Monday rolls around and I am at my mentor, Becca, house as she’s getting ready to leave for Africa the next day. We are talking and I’m telling her once again my heart for photography & all the fun stuff that happened Friday night at eTeen retreat. In the middle of the convo, my phone rings. It’s the missions guy from church. I answer. He says, “wynne, I know this is last minute but we would love for you to join our women’s mission trip to el salvador to take photos/video and really tell the story of the people there.” WOW! Really? I was ecstatic!!!!!! I talked to the church an hour later on more details, remembered that my friend April was going so I called her, and that night I filled out my application!

God is so good to me. I had finally given it up to him after realizing that just like the camp thing, I could beg God all I wanted to let me do what I thought He wanted me to do, OR I could just trust that He knows what He’s doing and he’ll give me things to do as he sees fit. Lessons learned. God is good and I can’t wait to go to El Salvador with these ladies & share God!

And get this, the main purpose of the mission trip is to share with the ladies in El Salvador how to do a daily devotional. They don’t know how to get into the Word everyday & do devotionals, so that’s what we are going to do! It is a very relational trip, and that is right up my alley! (I just finished, yesterday, doing the Bible in a year!! thanks to the encouragement of my mom!}

Could you pray with me that I will be strong in doing my own daily devotionals and also that I will learn some Spanish in the next month:)Thank you for your support and prayers my friends. I’ll keep you posted!

The day after Austin, which was the day before Colorado, we headed back down 35 for a little Trippet family Christmas action. It was sorta strange having Christmas before Christmas, but it was fun! The dogs got new beds (see: Hallie is so happy!), the guys got cologne, and the big kids got a pretty canvas:)I was so so excited to get these for everyone for their big gift. I was thrilled to watch them be so excited! Another thing we did this year, that I loved, was get each family (Trippets & Chambers/Elder) a gift card to Living Water International. It was a gift of clean water & we could all go online together and view videos of 8 or so different countries that Living Water had projects going with to give clean water. We got to watch them as a family & decide how much we were going to give to each story. It was just a fun little way to make Christmas about giving:)Later that night the crazy packing began to head to Colorado! More on the trip next post!

  • Amy Marable - Wynne! I just read your adoption story and everything…so amazing! I love how the Lord works. I will be praying for you guys. Mary Beth leaves for africa in two weeks…she’s going to uganda. I’ve been to malawi and LOVE africa. The kids truly are amazing. So excited for y’all. I’m going to keep following to stay updated!! also…if you go to my blog click on the crabtree family b/c she has a blog post about her friends trying to adopt from africa and you might like reading it! blessings!!!ReplyCancel

We had a great time spending the day in Austin with E-Beth, David, Martha & Rose. Since we were going to Colorado with my fam, we only had a short time with the Elder/Chambers clan but we made the most of it! We got in Saturday & E-beth made a very yummy dinner and we had a good time eating, visiting and watching Rose! The next morning we slept in a bit (well at least I did!) and had a cozy morning with coffee, breakfast and presents! It was nice to have no pressure and just get to take our time being together. It’s the most fun to watch sweet Rose get so excited. She LOVES elmo- so she got a lot of elmo swag this year. Our big gift to her was the Cozy Coupe! I still remember this little car from when I was a kid & was SO excited when I saw it at Target. Poor Stephen spent hours putting the whole thing together, but it was worth it – she LOVED it. It was too cold to go outside, so we pushed her around the house. I love all the sweet pictures of Stephen looking at Rose, the love is so evident. (oh and I was SO excited to give everyone the big canvas wrap’s:)I think I speak for them when I say it was the perfect gift!) Thank you Chambers for a wonderful time:)

The last Trippet sister has done it! Mary Helen graduated from Baylor this December and we were all there to witness! It wasn’t long ago that Rachel graduated, and in back to back fashion the Trippet girls are out of BU. The commencement ceremony was really nice – President Starr spoke and I must say I was impressed! I think he’s an awesome addition to the Baylor family and I must admit I got a little teary eyed talking about the Baylor family. Baylor truly is a family and I am so proud to be a part of it! {and I will admit that Rachel & I did go through the program name by name and circle names we liked! it’s a tradition!}
Mary Helen was such a good student. I truly am so proud of her for her accomplishments while at Baylor. She really did learn! She was always working on PR projects and her portfolio is pretty good I might say. If you are looking for a PR girl, or a writer, MH is your girl! She currently lives in Austin:)So proud of you sis!
The ceremony was followed by, no doubt, photos! MH is not the gal that loves the spotlight so we had fun following her around paparazzi style embarrassing her. then a yummy dinner at Diamond Backs! bubbly to celebrate! Congrats MH!!!

{ps – Stephen got me a new point & shoot camera for Christmas, so we could take self portraits of ourselves:)well and so I can take pics of normal things in my everyday life! so many more pics to come…..}
Here’s the man that made it all possible! Thanks Dad!!!
He’s smiling because he’s DONE paying for college!!
whoo hoo!!

I know Chirstmas was so long ago, but I am just now getting to upload the pics:)We had a great time with the family over Christmas. We were blessed and got to stay at our family friends home, the Attas’, in Colorado so we did all of our Christmas pre-christmas! Waco for MH Graduation, then to Austin, back to Waco all before going to Colorado. I’ll try to break up the posts.
The weekend before, we headed to Waco to celebrate MH graduating! The night before the big day we had a family dinner & game night! We had a blast eating dinner, playing iwth the dogs, listening to some tunes, and playing the famous “bowl game”, LCR, and go fish? Hilarious. I love spending time with my family!

{despite what the pictures show, me, stephen, rachel, stan & mom were all there too}