Since Stephen’s birthday is August 5th & we’ll be in Africa, his mom and grandparents came into town Monday to surprise him! We had a fun birthday lunch at our birthday spot, Dos Compadres then came home to have yummy birthday cake.
It’s a Elder tradition to have cake from this one place in San Angelo, and Stephen’s favorite flavor is Strawberry. Martha (my MIL) has been awesome this year with themes for the cakes. You might remember mine had a camera on it, and this year Stephen’s was of Africa, surrounded by water with a heart of Ethiopia!
It’s not too late to donate to Stephen’s well! You can go online to:
He only needs $1,354! Help us get there by August 5th!!!

it’s hard to believe all that has happened in the past 10 months. To say that my world has been ROCKED is an understatement. It all started at Op Camp, then God really spoke to my husband {and proved me NOT crazy} at this conference we went to in Austin called Together for Adoption.

At this conference in 2010 a few things happened….
Most importantly Stephen got the call from God that we were supposed to adopt! Praise the Lord
We also met Amanda with Visiting Orphans
We met Gwen & Suzanne with 147 Million Orphans
We met Jessica with Noonday Collection
We started to get info from Gladney
I heard Esther Havens give an amazing talk on How to Tell a Story (through photographs)
I started to form relationships with Jenna, Holly, HollyAnn, and Kayla. All fellow Midland moms who have a heart for adoption.
Pretty crazy what began then! God knew it ALL! He knew we would be adopting – through Gladney, He knew that we’d have a trunk show through Noonday to help raise the funds & then later become an ambassador!, He knew we’d fall in love with 147 and get to be visiting Amazima this summer (the people they help support!), He knew we’d be going on a mission trip with Visiting Orphans & He knew my heart for photography was for missions.
I can’t wait to see what’s in store for the 2011 conference.
What: Together for Adoption Conference
Where: Phoenix, Arizona
When: October 21-22
Why: topics on missional living, The Gospel, and orphan care
Come connect with other people with hearts for orphans, adoption, and the church. You won’t regret it!
*** they are having a super early bird special from now until Saturday 30th — $75!!!!***** click here

  • Bobby and Courtney - I love that your enthusiasm for orphans is evident in your posts!!! I am a bit jealous of the connections you have, as we live in ND and are the only people in our town that are adopting…but it’s great to be able to hear stories through other blogs like yours! God is definitely great and has plans we could never have imagined!!!ReplyCancel

I am so super excited to announce that I am officially a Noonday Collection Ambassador. I first met Jessica at Together for Adoption (more on that later this week) this past October and fell in love with the beautiful jewelry, accessories but most importantly thestory! Every piece is hand made by artisans from all over the world. There are so many stories that I hope to learn and to tell through being a part of this wonderful business.

You might remember we had a trunk show to raise money for our adoption (read about it here). We did so well and I had so much fun that Jessica approached me about becoming an ambassador. After she told me about it, I knew it was something I was supposed to do. I have become very passionate about telling the stories of the oppressed and the fact that we can be a part of satisfying their needs & giving them a hope and a future just makes it that much sweeter.
I can’t wait to be more involved and use this as an opportunity to continue to raise our funds for our adoption and hopefully help others in their journey to adopt:)
Please go online to read more about the Noonday story!
I have set out some of the beautiful pieces in my Wynne Elder Photography studio and hope that next time you are over, you will take a look – it’s sort of hard not to!
When I get home from our trip to Africa I will be ready to do trunk shows! So if you are interested in hosting a trunk show, read about it on the noonday website, and shoot me an email:
I’ll start booking dates as soon as I get home (August 14th). There are some good perks;)
I plan to do posts on my blog to show you how to wear these beautiful accessories. I have, shamelessly named myself an “accessorize-ista”. Yes, I made that up.
Until the trunk shows, you can now purchase something on my very own noonday site here:
Pass it along to family & friends!

talk about love.
my good friend Sommer decided to host a play group this week in honor of our trip to Africa.
to have all the kids learn a little bit about Africa
for them to bring one of the items we are taking over to Africa (mostly the kid stuff!)
to make a craft/note for a child in Africa
and to be sent home with a way to pray for the children of Africa
what a teachable moment for a mom and her child/children
I am completely overjoyed by this idea and SO EXCITED to get others involved.
So, if you are a Midland mom and want to come to the play group:
this Wednesday July 27th
anytime between 8:30- 10:30 am
Sommers house (email me for address)
some ideas of what to bring:
writing pens (the kind that click!)
coloring books
nail polish (glitter)
jump rope

we ask for money a lot. adoption. mission trips. water wells.
sometimes I feel like a pest. my good friend from college (hi Katie!) encouraged me last weekend that it’s ok to ask. it’s ok to give people an opportunity to give or to pray. or really to be aware. So I’m going to start thinking of it as that. The money is not for us, it’s for others and I can’t be ashamed or embarrassed or think I’m a pest. because it’s all for the kingdom of god.
but stories like this remind me that people WANT to give. people want to help. people are creative in their giving and their sending. for that I am SO thankful.
My good friend from church, Jennifer, pulled me aside after girls bible study a few weeks ago and brought me to tears when she told me they wanted to give up their sons birthday in order to raise money for Camp. WOW. She said their son had enough “things” and they would rather people make monetary donations to our adoption fund. She said “we are helping bring a boy home”. the “we” is what gets me every time! I LOVE when people feel ownership in this because it takes more than just Stephen & I to bring Camp home.
I’m extremely grateful and humbled!

I just want to tell each of you that you will NEVER understand what your prayers and support mean to us. We are totally humbled and in AWE of how awesome our God is. We will never be able to thank you or express to you what we feel. We are honored to walk this life with you all! thank you for loving us so well!

  • Lauren - WOW! What a precious friend!!! A blessing to you and a huge blessing to her own son! Imagine being able to share with him when he’s older that he was a part of bringing a little boy home to his family. So incredible!! :)ReplyCancel