happiest place on earth

A week ago, we spent 4 wonderful days at the happiest place on earth – Disney World of coarse! Sunday was my parents 35th wedding anniversary and we were happy to all be there celebrating together! I calculated that this was my 9th visit to Disney and my dad’s 14th! Everyone else is somewhere in between. We stayed at our favorite hotel – the Boardwalk, a Trippet family tradition. As tradition goes, we spent the whole day at whatever park we were going to that day. A little variation to the trip was we actually went swimming a few days- which was nice because it was SO HOT. We also went to fun dinners each night and a few nights we went back to the park for Extra Magic Hour.
{more “real” pictures on my photography blog here: http://wynneelderphotographyblog.com/?p=1724}
We had fun riding all the rides, eating at our favorite places, and we even got my mom to ride Rockin’ Roller Coaster which she preceded to ride 3 times! A few fun memories that I want to remember: champagne toast at France (epcot) for my parents 35th wedding anniversary, a full day at Universal (that was new for me!), staying at Magic Kingdom until almost 2am the first night we were there riding rides, Stephen riding Rockin Rollercoaster 7 times, having to buy new tennis shoes on day 2 (note: do NOT wear Toms to disney), and just all the fun dinners with the family.
Aren’t my sisters beautiful? MH and I ALWAYS match without meaning to – gold toms, white shorts, same hair, grey tops haha. Loved getting to spend time with them!!!!
While I was there I had fun being a little creative with my iPhone. Most of these are from Harry Potter land at Universal – it was really really cool!! Enjoy:)

Elizabeth Ann (Elizabeth Ann's Recipe Box - Looks like y’all had an awesome time!

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he is bigger

I was reminded this morning that God is bigger. He is big, He is great and He loves me! WOW. When I want to take things into my own hands, and He tells me to wait – that is tough. but it’s refining me. it’s making me trust in Him and in His plan. If I truly believe that His plans are not to harm me, but to prosper me than I wouldn’t have as hard of a time trusting Him. with my life, with our family, with the way we spend our time and money. Jesus, I want to trust you wholly, fully and with all that I am. Thank you for the reminder that you are bigger, you are greater, and your plans for me are good.

Aly - AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;) xoxoxoxo

The Cry of Fire - Nicely put.

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looking forward to Africa

I am in the middle of a blog post series on my photography blog about my trip to El Salvador and it reminded me of when I was there & how I was looking forward to Africa. This is a little note from my journal about it. Follow my series on El Salvador here:http://wynneelderphotographyblog.com/

The day we went to the market, it was hot. I wasn’t feeling good and I think I was a little frustrated about the language barrier. The enemy was for sure trying to tell me that my heart can only be in one place and i started thinking about africa. delie has been a few times so we were talking about it and talking about the people there and we both started crying. I truly truly can’t wait to go to africa – I feel like my heart is so there too, even though I’ve never been there or met the people. but i I think the enemy was wrong – my heart can be in more than one place, as I have a very certain passion for the people of el sunza, el salvador. I just know that when we go to africa and i get to see in person the people that have already touched my hearts so much- I will be overcome with emotion. I didn’t know anything about el sunza before, and to already have such a bond and a love for the people after one short week is amazing. God, that is so you just knitting our hearts together as only you can do. You give us a bond because we are brothers and sisters in Christ.

This is a video on the capital city of Ethiopia, Addis Ababa. The stories here are amazing. The families who’ve given their lives to this city and this country are inspiring. Watch it – you won’t regret it! We’ll get to work with several of these organizations while we are in Ethiopia and I couldn’t be more excited.

The City of Addis – A short documentary from Session 7 Media on Vimeo.

We had another team meeting this week and it got me even more excited about our trip. about loving BIG on orphans. My prayer is that God would really prepare our hearts for loving BIG, that we would see these children as he sees them – as HIS children. That we will love them with reckless abandon. Pray with us!

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off to the happiest place on earth :)

In the morning Stephen & I are packing our bags & headed to the happiest place on earth. Disney World! We will be heading out with my family on this great adventure! Disney is my dad’s absolute favorite place & we all love it too! I think this is my 8th or 9th visit and I’m sure my dad has been almost 20 times by now. To top it all off tomorrow is my parents 35th wedding anniversary! We are excited to spend the time with the family:)

Thanks to my friend Kate, I have a new outlook and excitement from Disney. If you are going as an adult – check out her Disney blog post from their recent trip: http://themccunniffs.blogspot.com/2011/04/disney-recap-2011.html
I have a few blog posts I might post while I’m gone but just wanted to tell everyone to have a great week!!!! Can’t wait to show you pictures from Disney!

The Lacys - jealous!!! have fun :)

Kate - Thanks for the Disney shout-out! :) I hope y’all have a blast and hope your parents have a wonderful 35th anniversary! Can’t wait to hear about your trip!

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Student CBS

I had to pass along this video to yall to watch about Student CBS. Student community bible study is a worldwide organization that seeks to make disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ through caring in depth bible study. Stephen & I have been involved in it since we moved to Midland (hard to believe – 3 years!) and we just love it. It’s a great opportunity to get into the Word, to build relationships with students, and to keep yourself accountable for studying Gods word. They made this video to show to adult classes around the country to remind them to pray for student classes this year! This is the year of the student and there are prayer groups popping up everywhere! This video describes the various student classes and I really encourage you to take the time to watch it. I know that some of you reading this are looking for this sort of opportunity – so I want to encourage you to watch the video, visit the CBS website, and get involved! If there isn’t a class in your area, contact me and I’ll help point you to the resources you need to start a prayer group.

Something God has been teaching me recently is just what my friend Dr Madden says at the end of this video – you will NEVER look back and regret the time you took investing in the lives of young people in your community. You’ll never look back and say, dang I should have watched more TV! It’s the other way around, and my friends NOW is the time. God can and will do amazing things through us if we are simply willing & avaliable. Like my other friend Lea said, we don’t find the time but we make the time. It’s worth it my friends, it’s worth it!


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