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Last weekend, one of my very best friends in the whole entire world got married! Alice Anne & I were roommates at Baylor (at what we called – “The Alamo”) and have been friends for over 8 years. In those past 8 years, we have been through the good, the bad, the ugly and the beautiful together. I don’t have another friend quite like AA. She knows pretty much every single thing (good and mostly really bad) about me and loves me anyway. I love her for that. She’s seen me through a lot in the past 8 years as when we met we were still finding ourselves. I love Josh dearly. He is perfect for her, and she is perfect for him. I had a good talk with him one of the first times we hung out and I knew in my heart he was the one for her. When you see a friend go through so much – to see her truly truly happy is the best feeling in the world. As you can probably tell, I was pretty emotional all weekend. It was such a joyful occasion but I was emotional. Happy emotional, so happy and overjoyed for my best friend. Happy to be with her family who over the years has become my family, and happy to be standing by her side on one of the most important days of her life. Thank you Jesus for marriage.
All the wedding festivites captured on my iPhone. The whole weekend was fabulous – every single event was so fun and beautiful! The dresses were beautiful, the ceremony and the reception was beautiful/colorful/classy/and SO Alice Anne. Most of all the BRIDE was beautiful!
Did I mention that my whole family flew from Texas for the festivities?! These are my beautiful sisters, Mary Helen & Rachel.
Besides all the wedding festivities, we had a blast eating dinner at Amsterdams Thursday night with Mandy, Mary Liz & I went to get the famous Toomers lemonade & some shopping, breakfast with the baylor gang at AA’s favorite spot, lunch with Kristi & Mac (our new friends for life) at Momma G’s. Also getting to walk around campus/Toomers corner with my dad and spent time every night on the patio visiting with all of our best friends from college. Oh the stories that were told. Such a wonderful time spent with the best friends.
We love you AA & Josh!

I sent out an email last night to our family & supporters and thought it was only necessary to post it here too! So you can know what we are doing this summer and how you can be a part! It’s been amazing to see how God has blessed us through people who read my blog & so I have to keep spreading the news!

We had our first team “meeting” via conference call last week and wanted to pass along some details about the trip! As far as we know, there are around 35 members of our team, with about 10 being women and the rest men. MAN UP! The leaders of our trip, Roger/Rob/Cory, did a great job leading the first meeting and we are very anxious to meet everyone. There are some pretty amazing people going on our trip – a few father/son groups, a group of 4 high school seniors & their teacher (who raised $10,000 for a well in Ethiopia!), a few recent A&M graduates (check this out….) and Wynne’s new friend Chloe ( who is getting ready in the next year + to move to Africa to be a missionary (ps – you should read her blog, it’s pretty stinking cool) Pretty amazing people!

What we know we will be doing:
Visiting Korah (in Ethiopia) – quick documentary here: to work with Project 61 –

Helping with feeding program in Uganda

Drilling a well with Dig Deep in Ethiopia

Visiting children’s prisons in Uganda

Also while in Uganda we will serve on ministry teams – Stephen will be doing sports & Wynne will be doing arts & crafts!

We are really excited and ask that you continue to lift us & our team up in prayer as we prepare for Africa. You can pray for our financial obligation to this trip – we need to raise the biggest chunk of our funds by June 13th (currently we need $3,000 combined). It’s been amazing to see how God has already provided!

Donations mailed to: (and checks written to)
Visiting Orphans
PO BOx 668
Nolensville, TN 37135
Memo Line: Wynne & Stephen Elder, Man Up/Dig Deep Trip

Gift resignation: look for July 31-Aug 14 Ethiopia/Uganda – Man Up – Dig Deep – Dude Perfect Trip (it’s in order by date)
Would you like to designate to specific team member: YES, Wynne Elder (so both of our donations will be in one place!)

to make HIM famous

Something that I have become very passionate about is educating people on how they can both buy cute & stylish jewelry and gifts while also helping a woman earn a sustainable income. There are women in Ethiopia, Uganda, India, Guatemala, Peru, Ecuador, And Madagascar that depend on the money they earn making fair trade items. Jessica, of Noonday Collections, started selling fair trade items from these artisans to raise money for her family’s Rwandan adoption. Well it took off with many other women wanted to style their friends & be an advocate for women & kids. So today I stand as a Noonday Collection ambassador! My good friends, Allison & Whitney, are hosting a trunk show THIS WEDNESDAY from 5-7 at 911 Harvard. Here, you will be able to see some of the fabulous items in person and just have a fun time hanging with some great girls! 10% of sales from this show will go towards our adoption fund. So that is pretty exciting! It’s been really awesome to see how the Lord has provided again and again through our friends and those we don’t even know and we are excited about another opportunity to tell our story and watch Him work!

If you are in Midland, we’d LOVE to have you! Just email (, text (432-853-4623), facebook – let me know that you are coming! And bring a friend! The more the merrier! Happy Hour 5-7 at 911 Harvard! I’d love to answer any questions you have about our adoption process too – or just to chat! Looking forward to hanging out! Thank you thank you thank you all!

Below you’ll see some of MY favorite Noonday Collection pieces!!!

Above: scarf!
Below: earrings & bracelet!
I have many other items I got for my birthday I don’t have pics of yet but COME SEE THEM!
Out of town people – I will put info on the blog after the show of how YOU can get involved and buy some stylish gifts too!

just a quick update! so the last thing we have been waiting on in the “paper chase” is our USCIS fingerprint appointment. You have to wait to get the letter in the mail and then your appointment is usually 3 weeks after you get the letter. well we got home Sunday from being at the lake and went to the neighbors to get the mail and there was the letter! Well, we had no idea where we would have to go for our appt and it happened to be in Lubbock. Well, I happen to be going to Lubbock Monday to hang out with some photographer friends for the day – so yesterday, I got fingerprinted! Then I called Stephen to tell him it worked, and he drove up & got fingerprinted then drove back. Oh the joys of working for yourself!

so, pretty cool that God orchestrated my trip to Lubbock the day after I got the letter! So now we’ll wait for an approval letter from USCIS, then send it off to get authenticated then everything can go to Ethiopia! So hopefully we’ll actually be on the wait list in the next few weeks! keep praying!!!
thank you all!!!