sometimes my voice memos are meaningful.  deep thoughts.  inspirations as I’ve driving down the road.

and sometimes they are simply reminders to myself. 

Not that you really want to know what to or not to do on a cross country road trip with your family…but just in case.


I’ve heard so many of you say since listening to this series, you’ve started making yourself voice memos! I love to hear that!  This has been such a fun challenge for me – and it’s got me thinking about what voice memos I make in the future.  I can’t lie, right now I’m sorta terrified to make new ones knowing that people are actually listening this month…but I’d love to hear how this has inspired you and what kind of notes YOU are leaving for yourself!

  • Chantel - I’ve been leaving myself a few notes, mostly about blogging stuff but I’ve also started asking Raeca a few questions and recording her answers, I think it will be fun to listen back.ReplyCancel


on a walk.  yep, I was on a walk when I was making this voice memo. but I love it.  you never know when the inspiration is going to hit.

something I really wanted to focus on this year when the kids started back to “school” was investing in relationships.  

It’s so easy for me to work, work, work when I have those coveted 5 hours off twice a week.  I am a task oriented, planner, list maker type person and sometimes I think I value productivity over relationship.  but NO MORE.  I know it will be a lifelong struggle, but my heart wants so much more to spend time with PEOPLE. 

I am starting to see why the Lord put this on my heart, and I’m oh so grateful.  Almost every Thursday this fall, I’ve had coffee or breakfast with a different friend.  One on one.  There’s something about that one on one time. It’s so much easier to dive deeper.  no kids.  no distractions.  time set aside for that one friend.

I’m working on my “bucket list” of sorts that I made in this voice memo.  grace, grace!

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how do you make relationships a priority?  I”d love your wisdom!

  • Lauren - I literally was just posting my blog link on twitter and yours was right under mine. wouldn’t you know we’re focusing on similar things today! i’m in a season where i’m craving community and that takes a lot of investing. but its so worth it. sometimes i sit down for a few minutes with colored sharpies in hand, and write actual hand written notes and pop them in the mail. i try to make sure every thing i send is encouraging…i find that just that little act lets people know they are loved.ReplyCancel

  • Molly - Wynne, thank you for amazing, courageous, beautiful writing! Just wanted you to know that God has used this post to confirm some things He’s been pressing on my heart lately. Thank you for sharing this!ReplyCancel

  • Chantel - This is so me in this fall season! I think for the few months prior I forgot that even though I am an introvert I still need to connect with like minded women. In the last few weeks I’ve been making a point of opening up my home more and inviting friends in and it’s been really good for my spirit.ReplyCancel

  • Caroline - SO important!!! It makes me so sad that text messages have become the norm these days. I try to make a point to be intentional with all my friendships – including those who live far away by sending snail mail and making phone calls :)ReplyCancel

  • Erika (@rougeandwhimsy) - I harass my friends sometimes… I text them and say What are you doing this date at this time. Let’s get food, let’s go for a walk. I don’t just say, “let’s hang out” but I text them with purpose to see them.

    I also try to mail cards to a few friends who are farther away and try to schedule phone chats with them during my lunch break. I am not always great at it, but I try my best. :)ReplyCancel

  • Andrea Worley - I love this. it’s so true we can focus efforts on other things when we only have just a few hours. but i’m with you… who wouldn’t wanna spend that time investing ourselves in others and making relationships better?! thanks for this great reminder!ReplyCancel


continuing on with the birthday theme….so my friend Jenna + her circle of people do this thing on birthdays where they have a small gathering of their closest friends [or a family thing!!!] and everyone goes around and tells that person what they love about them. she started this for me on my 30th birthday surprise party night and it was the sweetest birthday night of my life.  I mean, who doesn’t want to hear why your friends love you, or be re-told sweet stories, and laugh and cry all at the same time?


[jenna at my 30th birthday// photo by Alison Holcomb]

The first time I went to Jenna’s birthday I was so nervous.  [I mean, give me some wine first] but now I absolutely love it.  this is not at all something that I grew up doing with friends or family, but it’s something I want to do with our kids and friends.  Our other friend Lana and her family started it and they do it for each of their kids birthdays.  Everyone in the family will go around and tell that person what they love about them.  Can’t you just picture this being a memory your kids will have for a lifetime?

this voice memo is my “practice” note to myself of what I was going to tell Jenna on her birthday last month.  and as I think about, it really should be a PRACTICE.  We should tell the people around us what we love about them or how much we appreciate them every day.  even if it’s awkward.  even if you cry.  it might be uncomfortable, but no one said loving people was easy.

let’s change the way we love people, and let’s TELL THEM about it.

do you have any fun birthday traditions?  I wanna hear!

  • Andrea Worley - I love this! i remember reading about this on your blog last year. what a special friend. ReplyCancel

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sometimes friends that you meet at conferences for 2 days become these kind of friends.

friends that love you well.

pray for you often.

encourage you and pour blessings over your life.

sometimes their words on your 30th birthday you just need to keep handy so you can read them when the days are hard.

thank you Sara Gilmore, for being that friend.


ps – sara has a way with her words.  you should follow her on IG.

  • Caroline - I love this! Love sweet friends that pour into you, despite where you met them or how long you have known them!ReplyCancel

  • Bailey Jean Robert - Small world! I gave my Declare ticket to Sara –a friend of a friend from Antioch in Waco– because I couldn’t fly home from Seattle to go to the conference. So glad you two connected! And her blog has blessed my soul so much. What a gal!ReplyCancel

  • birthday love. - […] on with the birthday theme….so my friend Jenna + her circle of people do this thing on birthdays where they have a small […]ReplyCancel


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what’s right for someone isn’t right for everyone.  I mean, my pink hair and double pony tail is sorta a silly example, but it’s the truth.

I was having a conversation with a friend just this month and it totally related to this concept.  it went like this…

friend: oh, you shouldn’t move to that neighborhood, because the school system there isn’t good,

me: oh really?  


friend: I am so sorry I said that to you.  I was thinking about it, and that wasn’t right for our family, but that doesn’t at all mean it isn’t right for yours.  

me: thank you!


y’all!  A- to the MEN!  why do we spend so much time worrying about what people think of our choices?

what’s right for me, maybe isn’t right for you.

and what’s right for me, maybe is crazy to you.

would it make a difference in your relationships if we went into conversations with this mentality? 

  • Kiersten DeLong - I completely agree. It’s just sad that not many people realize or think about that (including myself). Your friend is so courageous to have come back and with humility apologized. Not many would do that. And by the way… I love the pink! ReplyCancel

  • Megan George - I think this is huge! My husband and I were talking about this the other day. The people who act like because our adoption doesn’t make sense because it doesn’t make sense to them really hurt our feelings and the relationships. But our friends who think it’s crazy, but are rooting for us, praying for us, and helping us fundraise anyway have become some of our biggest encouragement.ReplyCancel

  • sarah beth - YES. I really struggle with this. One of my personality flaws is that I dearly love finding efficient ways to do things – and then suggest that it’s the only or best way to do a thing. In reality, I’m finding what is efficient and best for MY family, not for everyone else’s. Thanks for this perspective and the reminder that I can rejoice in and encourage others’ decisions as they submit to the Lord!ReplyCancel