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I had so much fun this week recording my first ever podcast with my friend, Jamie Ivey.  Jamie and I met actually through my girl Chloe at ACL a few years back right before we brought the kids home.  Since then I’ve connected with her in person once or twice and mostly over email/text/skype!  She is a jewel.  She has 3 adopted kiddos, and her oldest bio son has been to Haiti with her and her hubby [the birth place of 2 of their kids] and I think that’s just the coolest.  You might know her husband, Aaron Ivey of the Aaron Ivey Band at Austin Stone.  He is probably my all time favorite worship leader, so that’s that.

When I lived in Austin, Jamie won a guest DJ spot on a country radio station, KVET, and I remember listening to her on my drive to and from work at the Rodeo.  She discovered her love for radio there, and I absolutely love now that she’s taken that passion and transitioned it into her podcast!  I listened to a lot of her IF Gathering podcasts, and now her Happy Hour podcast is so fun to listen to as I’m driving around running errands, or cleaning the house.  It’s like sitting in a conversation with girlfriends.

I loved getting to talk to Jamie and share a little bit about my story and then just some random happenings in my life now. Telling my story to someone always reminds me what God has done in my life.  He has done some pretty incredible crazy things and led me to live this life I could not have ever imagined.

without further adieu…head over to Jamie’s blog to listen in!

word on the street is I’m giving away a $50 Noonday gift card too!

I have some friends that ask good questions, y’all.  The kind of questions that make you really think.  The questions you don’t ask yourself and when you are put on the spot, you are always interested in what will come out of your mouth and heart.  I’ve had a few of those conversations lately, and they all seem to center on one thing: my desire to be pregnant.  

There are so many things I have wanted to share on the blog with y’all about this journey we’ve been on for 5 years, and I’ve been chicken.  I’ve been waiting for the “perfect time”, I’ve been waiting until I “had it together”, but what am I really waiting for?  I don’t know, but I’m tired of waiting.  I have felt God nudge me on more than one occasion that He wanted me to share in this journey as it was happening.  Truth be told, that’s exactly what I’ve been doing with my close friends and family around me.  I’ve opened up and shared a lot about my journey through infertility and I’m glad I have.  But it’s still not easy, letting people in.  So why would I want to let the whole world wide web in?  That’s a good question.  Either I’m brave or crazy. 

I keep watching people around me physically, and in my online life, be brave.  Take risks and do things that are not the norm.  I look at them and think, I can be brave too!  But then I believe the lie that I have nothing to offer, or I don’t have it together enough to really put myself out there [even more than I already have].  But I was on a walk with a mentor of mine around our neighborhood, and she reminded me who I was.  She reminded me that I am not the status quo.  I am not just like all of my other friends.  I do not adhere to what our culture says we should do.  She reminded me of the freedom I have found in Christ, to just BE ME, and be who HE made me to be instead of what the world says I should be.  She reminded me that I am a rebel who wears all Target clothes to a fancy party, and I love her for that.

so starting today I am going to just be me.  I’m not going to try to fit into any “category” or be like anybody else.  I am simply going to be ME.  I’m going to live this one wild and crazy life God has given me to the fullest.  I’m going to be brave!


pictures by Erica Sledge/accessories by Noonday Collection/dress by Altar’d State

will you hold me to it?  

  • Hannah Bunker - First, I’m sending you an internet high-five for being brave! You do it, girl! You have so much to offer! Second, I’m in a similar boat with infertility. We adopted twins but I’m still believing and longing for belly babies. It’s a strange place we’re in that’s hard to articulate to people. We just have to be brave and share our heart where it is.ReplyCancel

  • Alaina - Wynne, girl you are already so brave. But, I completely understand where you are coming from and where you are. Trying to balance the perfect timetable with the perfect info in just the right amount. I’m with ya and would love to share with you about just that – wanting to be pregnant. Without feeling as if I’m blaspheming NOW when I express the struggles that I have. and, the struggle with writing about the struggles. (I can’t be the ONLY infertile woman who’s experienced this…. ugh) lol….. I appreciate you and love you to the fullest!ReplyCancel

  • natalie - oh, friend, please be brave! there’s so much diy this and vacation pictures that on blogs. the posts that make a difference in people’s lives are the ones where you put words to what they were feeling but couldn’t express. there are others in your shoes or others who will be. I’m anxious to hear your stories!ReplyCancel

  • Carina Lawrence Schoen - Love this, Wynne! You are such a lovely soul and I am happy to know you. Rooting for your bravery and thanks for the reminder to do the same for myself!ReplyCancel

  • Kristin - You rock “brave” Wynne! Love this. Praying for you as you step out. Love, KristinReplyCancel

Something I have loved this spring, is that almost every single one of my Noonday shows has been adoption fundraisers!  I have traveled near and far and the month isn’t quite over yet!  Noonday was a huge part of our fundraising for our adoption, and it’s been such a joy to get to turn around and help other families fundraise to get their babies home!

So you should know, that when you purchase on my Noonday site, a portion of the proceeds of the sale will go towards someone out in west Texas adoption:)


I traveled to Snyder, Texas for a Noonday adoption show hosted by Kasey Boatright for her good friend + Neighbor adopting from Haiti, Tara Trevey.  these small town girls know how to make yummy appetizers and shop.  such a fun show with my good friend Kasey!



I convinced my friend Alison to travel back to her hometown of Hobbs, New Mexico with me for an adoption show hosted at the cutest boutique – Cotton Castle, for my new friend Cassie Kamplain adopting two girls from China! I’d never been to Hobbs before, so it was a fun adventure!



so fun to have my friend Anna repeat host for our good friend Sarah Stepan who’s adopting a sweet 6 year old boy from China!  Earlier in the spring, 2 other good friends stepped up to host show’s for the Stepans so they have been super blessed with funds for their adoption thanks to our awesome Noonday customers!


If you know an adoptive family in your area that you would love to host a show to benefit, visit this link  and get connected with a local ambassador!  Basically how it works is, instead of the hostess getting exclusively credit for product, the adoptive family gets 10% cash towards their adoption!  and as a fun bonus, the hostess, depending on sales, gets to purchase 1-4 times at 50% off!

**If you want to purchase this week, 10% will go towards the Stepan family and 10% will go towards the Weaver’s adoption!

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y’all! today is the LAST DAY to vote for the last member of our #StyleForJustice team member!  head over here, read the stories, and cast your VOTE!  the next round is the top 7 will go down to the top 3!



If you follow me on instagram, then you know me + my man headed to New Orleans this past weekend to celebrate my dad’s 60th birthday.  NOLA is a place my parents and their best friends have visited every year for over 30 years together.  My dad has had his 40th, 50th and now 60th birthdays there.  This was the first year me and my sisters were invited!  It was so fun and I have a few stories to tell you this week.  but first…

I took my big girl camera with me on our New Orleans adventure this past weekend.  It’s something I want to press into…I don’t want to take it for granted that I have a nice camera + I love to take pictures.  I don’t normally take pictures of “things”, I have a weird aversion to needing people in my photographs, but this weekend I happened to snap some of New Orleans beautiful architecture.  It was just so dreamy.  So different from what I’m used to, so much rich history and culture and tradition.

I have many stories of this weekend celebrating my dad’s 60th birthday – but until I get recover from all the food we ate enough to think straight, here are a few images of our time walking the streets.  Antique shopping, eating, drinking, more eating, and walking from here to there.  enjoy friends!





for those interested, here’s where we ate, shopped and played:

hotel: Ritz Carleton [thanks dad!]

brunch: Galatoires and Antoines

dinner: Emerils and Tableau

antique shopping: Royal Antiques + Moss Antiques 

[really cool, my grandfather and his mom used to shop at Royal Antiques.  love that tradition!]


  • Molly Swanson - OH Wynne! How I LOVE your photography! You are so talented and your images are rich with your heart and perspective. Looks like you guys had an amazing time! I can’t wait to hear and see more!ReplyCancel

    • Wynne - wow, thanks molly! that means so much! thanks for your sweet words about my photography!ReplyCancel

  • alison - i’m so proud of you for bringing your big girl camera!! the photos are lovely, i’ve never been but it looks so charming:) can’t wait to hear about the rest!ReplyCancel

    • Wynne - aww thanks so much friend! i had fun taking pictures – totally felt like you taking pics of buildings and such :) ReplyCancel

  • Summer Combs Boggess - Love love love New Orleans… the city has a totally different feel and atmosphere than anywhere I have ever been… I fall in love with it every time I go there, all over again… ReplyCancel

  • Alisha @ Little Life Blog - Wynne, I’m fairly to new your blog, but I absolutely love it! My husband and I are in the process of adopting and I’ve really enjoyed reading about your experience. Also, gorgeous photos from NOLA- it’s one of the places I’d love to visit one day!ReplyCancel

    • Wynne - well welcome Alisha! so glad you are here ;) and so fun to meet another adoptive mom! where are y’all in the process?ReplyCancel

  • Johnnie Hughes Hatfield - Love all the beautiful pictures. What a great memory that most will never enjoy. Congratulations!ReplyCancel

  • Lindsey Andrews - When hubs and I renew our vows, it will be in NOLA. We try to go every year because it is one of the most romantic cities in the world and the food is the best!

  • Lauren Patton - Y’all are so adorable! Great pictures!ReplyCancel

  • Jamie Ivey - Can you believe I have never been to NOLA as an adult. Went once as a child for a track meet and did nothing in the city. I need to do this soon with Aaron!ReplyCancel

it’s been a pretty good month.  so many images don’t make it onto my instagram or facebook, but for memory sake I love to have them to look back on and remember what our day to day looked like.  before may got crazy, and summer began….life lately.

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we celebrated Milly’s 6th birthday with the traditional McDonald’s hamburger and a family walk to the park!

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alison came over one night while we were cooking and captured this image of me and my sissy girl.  it’s a favorite.  I totally look like a desperate housewife.

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we had plans to hang out with my good friend Hope, and her cute family one Friday morning.  I got an email late Thursday about a local parade for war hero’s - and so we did the thing!  got our red, white and blue on and walked our strollers to the street for the “pet parade” as Camp kept saying.

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Hope’s family raises Alpacas, so since we were in her parents front yard for the parade, we had to “go see the animals”.  Camp + Asher were hilarious herding the alpacas, and just having a BLAST chasing them around.  it was such a sweet reminder that it doesn’t take that much to have fun – and do life with friends.

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the weather has warmed up, and we are OUTSIDE!  we have started the backyard transformation – complete with a trampoline and swing set!  Mama got 2 chairs and strung some lights up, and it’s the perfect place to start the day and end the evening.

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I’m not in the photog biz anymore, persay, but I love to do things for friends when it’s needed!  I spent a Friday night with precious Sarah taking her senior pictures.  She grew up in China, and so the thought of having her senior pictures done in a wheat field just overwhelms me.  god is so good.

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donuts with dad + tea with mom at our precious parents day out program we love so much!

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I got to participate in World Culture Day at my friend’s daughters local elementary school and share about Ethiopia!  I loved being in the school, and obviously talking about a country and culture I love so dearly.  but it just got me so excited about the day our kids are “in school” and I can be up there and involved like my friend Sommer.  She’s the one in our group who has sort of “gone before” all the rest of us and I want to follow her lead!


we had so much fun with our best friends from aTm, who live in college station.  It was, yet again, time for another corps wedding and this time we got to spend it with the Heifrin family at their farm!  so fun getting all the kids together – and celebrate Weston + Sarah!

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such a perfect mothers day!  I got to sleep in, have coffee/flowers/cards and homemade waffles waiting for me when I woke up.  then church that night!  I am loved!

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lots of adoption noonday shows all over our area!  love supporting adoptive families through Noonday shows!

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fun night out for a crawfish broil with this hunk!

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we are headed to New Orleans this weekend to celebrate my dad’s 60th!  should be a fun weekend;) happy memorial day friends!  see ya next week.

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  • Molly Swanson - What a fun month! Loved all of the pics… what a sweet family you have! :) ReplyCancel

  • The Gray Matters - I love all your photos! Camp & Asher look so happy and full of life–truly transformed forever! ReplyCancel

  • Amy Hodgdon - Love all these pictures! Thanks for sharing bits and pieces of your life and your passions!ReplyCancel