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I feel like my life lately has been all about lists.  Not necessarily to do lists that I write down and check things off of, but just a steady flow of “things” that I do every day.  We were at dinner last week at friends house, and my phone alarm at 6pm went off.  “Ah, that’s what happened” I said to myself as I realized why my alarm didn’t go off that morning.  My friend, Will, says “what in the world do you DO at 6 am?”  Truth be told, I am a snooze-r.  It typically takes me 30 minutes to get outta bed after my alarm first goes off.  But I am actually starting to like getting up early.  No, I don’t physically like getting up, but I love the results it brings.  I love being able to get dressed, make the bed, make my pot of coffee, water the plants, turn on the lamps and pour that first cup of steaming hot coffee and sit with my bible open on the front porch.  When I do these things, my day seems to go much smoother than when I wake up to the kids banging on their cribs down the hall.

So many times though, when I wake up it’s all about what I can accomplish.  It seems to be worse when I don’t have a ton of stuff on my plate – that means I make stuff up.  I’m always try to stay “caught up” on dishes, laundry, cleaning, emails, messages…. but I realized something this week.  I will never be caught up.


do you feel the same way?

even if I get “caught up”, there will always be more laundry to do, more dishes to clean and more emails that need responses.  so why do I try so hard to “keep up?”  I think it’s my way of avoiding the silence.

I read this enlightening post by Mike Foster on the Storyline blog recently that said this,

“Quietness and being alone with our thoughts can be scary. We need a little something extra to drown out the silence.

The noise is often just a Band-Aid to pain. The low hum helps us from facing the deeper parts of our story. The incomprehensible chatter in the background fills the lonely space.

At the core, noise is escapism, yet it keeps us from being free. 

He goes on to challenge us to stick around with the silence.  To allow ourselves to sit with the hurts, grieve what is lost and allow our thoughts to move to the deeper “unexplored” parts of our story.  I want to take that challenge.  I’ve taken it before, and it’s hard y’all.  Living in that silence, alone with your thoughts, but I miss it.  I want it.  I want to grieve my losses well, I want to explore the parts of my story that are hard to look at, I want to have time to reflect and write and journal.

That’s where I am right now.  Wanting to turn the laptop off at night, and be still and be quiet.  Wanting to leave my phone in the house when I go in the backyard to play with the kids.  Wanting to embrace the silence, and see what song of freedom God might be singing over me.

I’ll leave you with these words from Mike,

“I believe on the other side of our discomfort with silence is a symphony of new sounds waiting to be discovered. It might be where you discover a new truth of who you are and a song of freedom that you’ve been waiting to hear.”


  • Laura Loewen - Yes. A million times, yes. Silence can be hard, and yet so refreshing. Isn’t it somewhat ironic that we try to block out the very moments in which God will speak to us? Makes me sad, yet I know that as a culture we are so conditioned for noise. I tell you what, girl, there was a day that I left my phone inside while playing with the kids and felt so. much. freedom!! Silly (and maybe lame) as it sounds, it was like the leash was broken and I was free just to be PRESENT. Love it. Love you. Just. Yes.ReplyCancel

  • Chantel Klassen - <3 I enjoy the silence but too find that I can get lost in trying to keep myself busy. Thanks for this wonderful reminder Wynne!ReplyCancel

  • Melanie Morriss Tkach - Thank you for writing on this topic and incorporating such powerful quotes from Mike Foster. Silence is one of my biggest struggles because my mind is often times a spiritual battleground. As a result, I busy myself…My personal challenge as of late has been to listen for God’s voice amongst the busyness. Your post is such a good reminder to be still. ReplyCancel

  • Lindsy Wallace - Yes. I’m filling my silence right now with Facebook and blog reading. There’s so much going in and I’m just drowning it with filler. I want so badly to sit in the silence but something is keeping me from it. Time to figure out what that something is. Thank you for the timely post friend!ReplyCancel

  • Kathryn Perry Shirey - Love this! Learning stillness and letting go of my to-do list seems to be my theme this week. ReplyCancel

  • Melissa Blair - (sorry about all the comments…I’m catching up and stalking you this morning ;))….Okay…This. This speaks to me all day, every day. My bent is to fidget. To squirm. To move…this year I’ve been very intentional about being anchored in this moment and not using distraction (social media and even books sometimes) to keep me from spending time with myself and talking to God and really listening and processing…and, girl, it is still as difficult most days. Funny…I’ve just been thinking about this a lot. It’s like standing still in a river of rushing water, isn’t it?
    But so.worth.the.effort. Thank you for using your good words for good stuff to think about.
    I say it every time because I mean it…I love you.ReplyCancel

  • Sarah Pikop - I am definitely fighting silence with distraction! And I am definitely beginning to see how I really need to spend that time in silence – mourning what bugs me about me, crying stuff out, giving it to God, and not trying to stuff it down with more of the same harmful, ineffective stuff! Thanks for this confirming post!ReplyCancel

  • Brittany Mullen - Beautiful, beautiful post. :) ReplyCancel


if you aren’t following along on instagram yet, let me fill you in.

so far on our #wac [Wynne/Asher/Camp] tour we’ve covered 5 states, 5 days on the road, close to 2,000 miles, 3 hotels and 2 days at Disney.  We’ve stopped to have lunch with my family in Dallas, checked out duck commander in Louisiana, rang the doorbell of friends we hadn’t seen in 5 years off the A1A in Florida and eaten at waffle house.  We’ve watched Frozen, and Up, and Sofia the 1st more times than I can count, and opened around 8 “surprise presents” along the way.  we’ve had dance parties, and sing a longs, and yes, we’ve snipped at each other.  I’ve brought my screw top wine bottle in every hotel we’ve stayed at for a little glass of wine in the bath each night.  We’ve stayed up way too late and ate way too much junk food.

we have made so. many. memories.

and we aren’t done yet! we are headed to North Carolina tomorrow for the wedding of my oldest friend.  We’ll get to spend time with my parents, and so many old friends in the beautiful area of Highlands.  then the actual WAC part of the road trip will begin.

I can’t wait to tell you all about the magic of Disney, but for now I’m tired and my husband and I are watching Discovery channel [a new road trip fave].

road trip

follow along #wacotour on instagram!

  • Debbe Trippet - What a great first family vacation! Fun memories.

  • Molly Swanson - How fun and sweet! Love seeing all of the pics along the way!ReplyCancel

  • Chantel Klassen - I love this so much! Three years ago (wow, how time flies) we drove down to the US and hit up a bunch of States in the span of just over a week, I love how the scenery can change so much in just a short distance!ReplyCancel

  • Jamie Ivey - AH LOVE THE HASHTAG!ReplyCancel

  • Melissa Blair - This is so fun. I just finished reading and realize I am smiling at all of it (and maybe because I know where you are ending up!!! EEEEE!!!!!) Store up those memories. Soak those babies and your hubby in. Add MUCH grace (b/c we all know that life…she needs much. Enjoy your time…it’s a gift. I love you.ReplyCancel

We believe that ALL kids should be free to wear pink regardless of their gender. - Quirkie Kids


I grew up with a daddy who wore (wears) pink!  This was nothing out of the ordinary at my house, and when I got married to my college sweetheart, I was pleased that he too likes to wear the color pink.  Having two kiddos basically the same age, they share almost all of their “tshirts”.  I love a good comfy shirt, and a lot of times I’ll only buy 1 and let them share.  Recently, I tried to put a shirt on Asher and I guess it was blue because she said, “that’s Camps!”.  That was a great opportunity to let her know that it didn’t matter what color the shirt was, she could wear it.  I want the same thing for Camp + pink shirts!  So meet Camp + Ashers new shirts from Quirkie Kids!


Proudly made in the USA,  Quirkie Kids has launched a new collection of pink tees for girls AND boys featuring playful designs of things not typically associated with the color pink.  After talking to Martine, I knew that I wanted to be a part of helping her grow her amazing business.  This is what she has to say about why she started this!

“It’s about encouraging kids to embrace their uniqueness and giving both boys and girls more options to express themselves through their clothing. Some girls like rainbows. Some girls like butterflies. And some girls like dinosaurs and I say: why not?”


why fit in when you were born to stand out??


enter to win a tee or onesie of your choice between now + the 13th!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

get 10% off when you use the code RUINED10

  • Sarah Jordan - So cute!ReplyCancel

  • Sarah Williams - Love it! Cuties!ReplyCancel

  • Jessica Mumford - Love the mouse and cheese!ReplyCancel

  • Hannah Johnson - We’re expecting our first baby in a few weeks and currently don’t know if baby will be a girl or a boy. I keep commenting how that even if baby is a girl she’ll still wear the onesie that has trains on it or the all in one coat thing that looks like a dinosaur because girls can like dinosaurs and trains too. (I love old style steam trains. My Dad tells me all about them.)

    A friend of mine called Nick says “that it takes a real man to wear pink.”ReplyCancel

  • Melanie Morriss Tkach - The mouse and cheese are so cute! My dad wears pink and purple for that matter but my husband refuses. Someone definitely falsley ingrained in him a while back that “pink is for girls.” What a neat teaching moment for your kids :) ReplyCancel

  • Carina Lawrence Schoen - I love it when my kids look like a pack of skittles :) it was my life goal as a kid (and maybe a grown up) to look as much like punky brewster as possible.ReplyCancel

  • The Gray Matters - Love this! My son is always saying that “pink is for girls,” and this is a great way to keep that stereotype to a minimum. ReplyCancel

  • Cheryl Sweatt Cornutt - There is no reason to fit in when you can stand out. God created knit us all individually in our mother’s wombs. We were are created to be unique and special. ReplyCancel


I love getting to share my thoughts + writings on other people’s blogs! Last week I had the opportunity to be on Jamie’s new “happy hour” podcast – check it out if you haven’t yet..and this week I’m guest posting about living in the “in between”


I was cruising down I-20 recently, headed to another Noonday Collection adoption trunk show my friend Kasey was hosting in a small west Texas town about 90 miles from my west Texas town.  My mind wandered as I messed with the radio, mentally went through my “check list” in my head, and looked at my clock as I was running late, as usual.  I decided to make a few phone calls, and managed to get a hold of my good friend [who I just traveled to Uganda with], Cara on the phone.  Don’t you love those friends that you just jump right into what’s on your heart?  Hardly no small talk, but straight to the heart talk.  I love it.  She started telling me about this book she’s been reading by Jeff Goins, In Between.


Honestly, I haven’t read it yet.  But as she spoke about how it had been teaching her more and more about those “in between” moments, I had this picture in my head.  Cara was sharing with me how the book was teaching her that life isn’t about the “big moments” but really more about the little everyday moments that happen in between the big moments.  The picture in my head was getting louder…


keep reading here.


There’s a phrase I’ve gotten quite used to people in our small town saying to me, “y’all are ALWAYS GONE!”  I used to get offended, like it meant somehow that I was less committed or intentional about our commitments and relationships here [and maybe that's true sometimes] but now I’ve started taking it as a compliment.  When friends say those four words, now I feel like they say them in a way that says “y’all are so fun and adventurous!”  and why, yes we are.  I love this about us.  I love that my husband and I are so opposites in some regards, but his spontaneous adventurous side has rubbed off on me.  We are a fly-by-the-seat-of-our-pants kind of people most of the time, and while that has been challenging at times for my first born/type A personality, it’s also been really good for me.

My oldest friend is getting married in North Carolina next weekend, and we decided to take the kids and ROAD TRIP up there.  I mean, why not?  Just so happens my parents will be there, and have rented a house and it will be just a delightful action-packed wedding weekend together.  Also just so happens, that for the second June in a row my sweet husband will be leaving [last time we were coming home] for Ethiopia on fathers day.  Why would we not drop him off at the nearest big city airport, and then take 12 days to road trip home and visit friends along the way while he’s gone?

yep, friends.  we are about to embark on a crazy road trip adventure.  I’ve been crazy trying to think of everything before we leave so I don’t have to go to the store alone with two kids somewhere in Tennessee, and by the time you are reading this we will be all packed up and on the road.  I’ll be documenting this adventure on social media with the hashtag #wactour   [Wynne/Asher/Camp] so follow along on instagram!

Here’s some pics to document my packing, organizing and fun tips I found via pinterest!


We are going to have a cooler in the back, but I also pre-packaged snacks and put them in these clear tubs.  hopefully everything I packed will last the whole 2+ weeks and will be easy access especially when I’m driving solo with the kids.


shower caddy to keep all of our “lunch on the go” stuff: paper plates, spoons, wipes, sanitizer and napkins.  I have another empty one to keep food in that we might pick up on the go.


I decided to pack our clothes in laundry baskets, and just brought a big tote bag so I could throw in there what we might need for the night so I don’t have to take all of our stuff in every place we go.


I also had several people tell me that the best advice they have, is to get little gifts and wrap them up to give to the kids every hour, or when they are doing a good job in the car.  I raided the dollar tree and dollar section at Target and picked up a few things around the house they hadn’t played with in a while and wrapped them all in brown paper bags!  I think this will be so fun + a great distraction for the hours and hours we’ll be in the car at a time.


Also in my search for info, I came across this fun podcast by my friends Kat + Liz on the Inspired to Action podcast.

what advice do you have?  share your fave podcast, pinterest board or idea in the comments! 

  • The Gray Matters - They’ll do great! We have done a few long trips with H, and he always does much better than I think he will–even last summer when he was newly potty trained! Y’all will have so much fun and make so many memories. Love it! (My only tip: don’t let them see the snacks unless you are doling them out, otherwise–at least in my experience–they ask for them just because they know they’re there.) ReplyCancel

  • Jodi Chris Boyle - I have done road trips alone with my 3 kids. we have so much fun. Sometimes we get to where we want and other times well we stop someplace because we all needed a break. I learned to just go with the flow. Enjoy your time.ReplyCancel

  • Ashley Howry - They will do JUST FINE!!! I have found that the more I travel with my kids…the better they do the next time. They know what’s expected and I love building that sense of adventure in them. ENJOY the traveling!!!!!!! :) Proud of you!ReplyCancel

  • Allison - I love all your convenient travel ideas!!!! You’ve given me the itch to road trip! What fun memories you’re creating with your sweet family!!! ReplyCancel

  • Carey Clemons Bailey - This last road trip rather than doing one big snack box I did a snack box for each kiddo and it worked so great and they loved it. They knew exactly what they had and there was no asking a billion times for something because they knew if it was in their box they could have it. Yours might be a bit too young to self regulate but for future notes… oh, and story books on cd/dvd/itunes and magna doodles are winners!ReplyCancel

  • Hannah Bunker - This is genius! I’m tucking these tips away in my noggin for when we go on trips with G+C!ReplyCancel

  • Andrea Worley - these are such great tips! we’re taking a 6 hr trip soon, gonna use some of your ideas!ReplyCancel