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If you follow me on instagram, then you know me + my man headed to New Orleans this past weekend to celebrate my dad’s 60th birthday.  NOLA is a place my parents and their best friends have visited every year for over 30 years together.  My dad has had his 40th, 50th and now 60th birthdays there.  This was the first year me and my sisters were invited!  It was so fun and I have a few stories to tell you this week.  but first…

I took my big girl camera with me on our New Orleans adventure this past weekend.  It’s something I want to press into…I don’t want to take it for granted that I have a nice camera + I love to take pictures.  I don’t normally take pictures of “things”, I have a weird aversion to needing people in my photographs, but this weekend I happened to snap some of New Orleans beautiful architecture.  It was just so dreamy.  So different from what I’m used to, so much rich history and culture and tradition.

I have many stories of this weekend celebrating my dad’s 60th birthday – but until I get recover from all the food we ate enough to think straight, here are a few images of our time walking the streets.  Antique shopping, eating, drinking, more eating, and walking from here to there.  enjoy friends!





for those interested, here’s where we ate, shopped and played:

hotel: Ritz Carleton [thanks dad!]

brunch: Galatoires and Antoines

dinner: Emerils and Tableau

antique shopping: Royal Antiques + Moss Antiques 

[really cool, my grandfather and his mom used to shop at Royal Antiques.  love that tradition!]


  • Molly Swanson - OH Wynne! How I LOVE your photography! You are so talented and your images are rich with your heart and perspective. Looks like you guys had an amazing time! I can’t wait to hear and see more!ReplyCancel

    • Wynne - wow, thanks molly! that means so much! thanks for your sweet words about my photography!ReplyCancel

  • alison - i’m so proud of you for bringing your big girl camera!! the photos are lovely, i’ve never been but it looks so charming:) can’t wait to hear about the rest!ReplyCancel

    • Wynne - aww thanks so much friend! i had fun taking pictures – totally felt like you taking pics of buildings and such :) ReplyCancel

  • Summer Combs Boggess - Love love love New Orleans… the city has a totally different feel and atmosphere than anywhere I have ever been… I fall in love with it every time I go there, all over again… ReplyCancel

  • Alisha @ Little Life Blog - Wynne, I’m fairly to new your blog, but I absolutely love it! My husband and I are in the process of adopting and I’ve really enjoyed reading about your experience. Also, gorgeous photos from NOLA- it’s one of the places I’d love to visit one day!ReplyCancel

    • Wynne - well welcome Alisha! so glad you are here ;) and so fun to meet another adoptive mom! where are y’all in the process?ReplyCancel

  • Johnnie Hughes Hatfield - Love all the beautiful pictures. What a great memory that most will never enjoy. Congratulations!ReplyCancel

  • Lindsey Andrews - When hubs and I renew our vows, it will be in NOLA. We try to go every year because it is one of the most romantic cities in the world and the food is the best!

  • Lauren Patton - Y’all are so adorable! Great pictures!ReplyCancel

  • Jamie Ivey - Can you believe I have never been to NOLA as an adult. Went once as a child for a track meet and did nothing in the city. I need to do this soon with Aaron!ReplyCancel

it’s been a pretty good month.  so many images don’t make it onto my instagram or facebook, but for memory sake I love to have them to look back on and remember what our day to day looked like.  before may got crazy, and summer began….life lately.

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we celebrated Milly’s 6th birthday with the traditional McDonald’s hamburger and a family walk to the park!

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alison came over one night while we were cooking and captured this image of me and my sissy girl.  it’s a favorite.  I totally look like a desperate housewife.

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we had plans to hang out with my good friend Hope, and her cute family one Friday morning.  I got an email late Thursday about a local parade for war hero’s - and so we did the thing!  got our red, white and blue on and walked our strollers to the street for the “pet parade” as Camp kept saying.

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Hope’s family raises Alpacas, so since we were in her parents front yard for the parade, we had to “go see the animals”.  Camp + Asher were hilarious herding the alpacas, and just having a BLAST chasing them around.  it was such a sweet reminder that it doesn’t take that much to have fun – and do life with friends.

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the weather has warmed up, and we are OUTSIDE!  we have started the backyard transformation – complete with a trampoline and swing set!  Mama got 2 chairs and strung some lights up, and it’s the perfect place to start the day and end the evening.

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I’m not in the photog biz anymore, persay, but I love to do things for friends when it’s needed!  I spent a Friday night with precious Sarah taking her senior pictures.  She grew up in China, and so the thought of having her senior pictures done in a wheat field just overwhelms me.  god is so good.

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donuts with dad + tea with mom at our precious parents day out program we love so much!

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I got to participate in World Culture Day at my friend’s daughters local elementary school and share about Ethiopia!  I loved being in the school, and obviously talking about a country and culture I love so dearly.  but it just got me so excited about the day our kids are “in school” and I can be up there and involved like my friend Sommer.  She’s the one in our group who has sort of “gone before” all the rest of us and I want to follow her lead!


we had so much fun with our best friends from aTm, who live in college station.  It was, yet again, time for another corps wedding and this time we got to spend it with the Heifrin family at their farm!  so fun getting all the kids together – and celebrate Weston + Sarah!

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such a perfect mothers day!  I got to sleep in, have coffee/flowers/cards and homemade waffles waiting for me when I woke up.  then church that night!  I am loved!

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lots of adoption noonday shows all over our area!  love supporting adoptive families through Noonday shows!

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fun night out for a crawfish broil with this hunk!

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we are headed to New Orleans this weekend to celebrate my dad’s 60th!  should be a fun weekend;) happy memorial day friends!  see ya next week.

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  • Molly Swanson - What a fun month! Loved all of the pics… what a sweet family you have! :) ReplyCancel

  • The Gray Matters - I love all your photos! Camp & Asher look so happy and full of life–truly transformed forever! ReplyCancel

  • Amy Hodgdon - Love all these pictures! Thanks for sharing bits and pieces of your life and your passions!ReplyCancel

a night on the porch with some of my dreamer dreamer girls was the perfect introduction to this thought I’ve had recently about margin.  today was full of making margin.  a 2 hour coffee with my dear Ashley this morning, lunch with my man, fun outdoor water day with the kiddos after school, and then a spontaneous night on the porch with some of my girls.  margin.  making time for relationships.


“lets go bring back summer!”

I absolutely love this time of year.

spring and then the natural progression to summer is my favorite time of the year by far. 

I do love the changing of seasons, and the excitement the fall brings, but I am a summer girl.


I think it has to do with the laid back-ness of it all.  being outdoors.  being barefoot.  sitting on the porch with a cold beverage.  being on the water.  traveling and being with family.  cooking with yummy herbs.  wavy hair.  baseball games.  road trips.  concerts.  summer camp.  oh y’all.  it has my heart!

I love this particular month, how it’s not too too hot yet.  there’s not really anything on TV during the week, so it’s forced us outdoors.  sitting on the front porch in our rocking chairs, or now in our new little area in the back yard at night just talking is my favorite.  not having plans every. single. night. and just being together!  THAT is what I love about the summer.


I have to fight myself to be still.  and to just BE.  I want to create room in my life for margin.  for days at home.  for spur of the moment opportunities to play with friends.

it’s hard y’all, real hard.

our culture is so fast paced, and even if I chose to live a life intentionally with margin…if my friends don’t, then what?  what does that mean?  I love nothing more than a full house.  a “revolving door day” is my favorite.  I want to always be the house that people know they can just swing by without calling.  my storm door is always open for friends:)

so, I’m learning about margin.  and BEING.  and creating space.

and I hope this summer is the perfect accessory to these lessons. 


what about you?  do you love summer?  does it allow your family time for margin? 

  • Amy Hodgdon - These are great thoughts! I love your heart in wanting to be that door that’s always open.
    If we live lives void of relationships that are truly valuable, it’s pretty sad….Thanks for this great reminder!ReplyCancel

  • Kelby - Love seeing your heart Wynn!! Hope you are doing great!
    Can’t wait to see your post about Rwanda!ReplyCancel

  • Allison Blanks Coomes - This is the best explanation of “margin” I have ever read. It’s certainly a “buzz word” on blogs and sermons but you your post really hit home. Too bad Texas is 1000 miles away from South Carolina or I would love to have a play date with our little ones and chat-). ReplyCancel

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y’all, seriously.  have y’all seen this challenge that Danielle + Carina have been doing online?  It’s a fun community that encourages each other to make better choices, and get to MOVING!  also, there is prize money.  let’s talk about that.  SO.  I signed up.  I’ve been on some medication the past few months that has just left me feeling bloated and not able to button my jeans.  I need any kind of encouragement to excersice and make better choices, and this is it!

Every Friday, we weigh in and at the end of the 6 weeks there is a prize for the person with the highest percentage of weight loss.  So far, I”ve lost 2 pounds.  but I feel so much better.  little choices, y’all, little choices.  skipping the donuts and Friday night burgers on the weekend.  but not totally skipping out on all the things I love – just 1 piece of pizza on Sunday pizza night and a big salad instead of 3-4 pieces… The other night I made salmon and I just sorta made up some stuff as I went: olive oil, a little salt + pepper, lemon juice and a random herb from my porch herb “garden”.  I baked it on 450 for about 12 minutes and then put it on a bed of arugula and the juice of the rest of the lemon and some fresh grated parmagean and it was amazing!

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photo (16) copy 3

seems like I really like salad these days…shrimp, salmon, mushrooms…

photo (16) copy

I’ve started to look for some healthier snack options, and started a new pinterest board

I’ve been trying to walk with the kids, and have been on a run alone….

but that’s it for me, y’all.  one tiny step at a time.  to feeling healthier!

what’s your favorite healthy food blog/pinterest board/recipe you’ve made lately!  do share! 

  • Molly Swanson - Ooo I love your ideas and how you’ve chosen to just make good choices… what an encouragement! :) Those dishes look delish! :) ReplyCancel

  • Anne Hennighausen Alley - I made your salad after seeing it on instagram yesterday! mmmmmm SO good & got great reviews from the husband:) ReplyCancel

  • Amy Hodgdon - This salad looks ah-mazing!
    I live in Alaska, and we have loads of fresh salmon available…..i need more great recipes though, so thanks for posting this!
    Salmon is so incredibly good for you, so I don’t mind it being at the ready!ReplyCancel

  • Stephanie Nunes - I really love the site. She makes such yummy things and they’re healthy ;) a bonus. Salsa verde chicken tacos on her site ReplyCancel

I think this blogland is pretty amazing, and pretty crazy how it connects people.  I’ve loved getting to connect with adoptive moms through the years on this space, and Shawna is one of them!  Honestly, I don’t even remember now how we met?  I think it was an email exchange over a few months.  But I do remember sitting down to watch this video [below] and crying.  thanking God for his faithfulness for this family to say YES to His call on them to adopt.  They have 3 boys – and are now in the process of adopting their girlS, sweet Lulah + Jovia, from Uganda! I asked Shawna here to share a little bit about their family and how YOU can get involved in helping them bring her home!  They are doing a Lilliesofthefield insta sale Tuesday, are the Give1Save1 family of the week – both ministries I love and support!!

photo (16) copy 2

meet this sweet family!


Hi!  I’m Shawna and it’s so nice to meet you.  My husband Jonathan and I met at summer camp when we were 13.  It took him ten years to convince me that he actually was the man of my dreams- and fifteen years later, here we are, more in love with each other and with Jesus than ever.  We have three adorable boys, Silas (11), Eli and Cooper (both 8) who have brought so much light into our life (and made things a little bit louder).  Two years ago we felt God was calling us to adopt, so we began our adoption journey with no idea where He would lead us and all the ways He would show Himself faithful.  Seriously, NO IDEA.  What started out on a journey to adopt one child under age 2 from Madagascar, has now turned into us adopting two girls, Lulah (4) and Jovia (5) from Uganda. And the details of how we got from Madagascar to Uganda will give you chills.  God has certainly been the One who’s been writing this story and we have been in awe of how He has so obviously been working out every detail.  We are incredibly blessed to be the ones who have witnessed this crazy adventure and we can’t wait to see all that we know He still has in store for us as we work to bring our girls home.  We would absolutely love for you to join us in this story that He is writing and share it with others.  We promise that you will be encouraged by what HE is doing!!


oh, and she is the sweetest.  she sent me this in the mail last week — did she know it was my all time favorite scripture ever?  Such a reminder that God is ABLE!  Let that sink in your spirit today.  He is able.  He just choses to use US.  

photo (16)

find them here…


 watch their video

don’t forget to go to Give1Save1 and give them $1 [or more!!] and check out their insta sale tomorrow night at 8pm!

  • Alison Holcomb - ok, totally crying now. totally need a cross and are the beautiful prints for sale or should i just come steal it from your house?! :) ReplyCancel

  • Lauren Pinkston - And here YOU are, sharing one of my most favorite adoption stories!! I met Shawna at our Nashville IF:Gathering, and we were working with the same agency at the time. It’s crazy what He has put in motion since then. I love how you use your space to connect women with like minds and convicted hearts – so encouraged by you today!ReplyCancel

  • Lauren Pinkston - And here YOU are, sharing one of my most favorite adoption stories!! I met Shawna at our Nashville IF:Gathering, and we were working with the same agency at the time. It’s crazy what He has put in motion since then. I love how you use your space to connect women with like minds and convicted hearts – so encouraged by you today!ReplyCancel

  • Noelle Brown - thanks for posting this! such a beautiful story and so awesome to see god at work! ReplyCancel