In October of 2012 we brought home our beautiful children from Ethiopia. An 8 month old girl we named Asher & a 9 month old boy we named Camp. Adoption changed us to the core. After visiting the country our children were born in for the first time in July 2011, our lives were gloriously ruined. We could no longer go back to life as it once was because we had been exposed to the orphan crisis and the reality of broken families. This began our journey of sponsoring + advocating for kids around the globe to get a good education, clean drinking water for all, and connecting people to the story of adoption. Our lives will never be the same.

Our two year adoption process was documented on the blog and I’ve shared some of those posts below and I’ve also shared some posts I wrote for other families (or potential families!) in their adoption journey.

Our lives will never be the same again.

wynne elder

The Story of Camp & Asher


Our Adoption Story

I used to think adoption and missions were for ‘those people.’ Radicals. People who always had a ‘heart for the nations.’

That wasn’t me. But through the heartache of infertility and researching other options, we discovered God’s perfect plan for our family.

We had no idea that plan would take us on a radical journey that ruined us in the most glorious way forever.


to help you in your own adoption journey

Informational & Encouraging


-Announcement + Story
-A Dad's Perspective
-Two Babies!
-Heading to Ethiopia
-The Day I Became a Mom
-He Has More
-They Are Coming Home!
-Welcome Home
-Perfect Timing
-All You Want to Know About C + A

-Adoption Playlist
-Why International Adoption
-I Want to Adopt, Now What?
-What is Your Yes?
-Fundraising with Noonday Collection
-What if Your Family Doesn't Support Your Decision to Adopt

It is my passion to encourage you, cheer you on, and hopefully give you some insight and tools as we walk this road of intentional living together.  


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